Childhood friends now 95 and 91 recognise each other when they see each other for the first time in 73 years after moving into Lakeside care home for respite.

Marion- ‘I couldn’t believe it when we were sat at the same table for dinner, I said is it Winny Jones? as there can’t be many Winny’s around and it was her.

‘I feel lucky to have my friend back in my life, we get on just as well now as we did back then.’

The childhood friends both grew up in Wigan, they both worked together at Coops factory in Wigan where they grew close, the pair lost contact when Winny left Coops to start a family, Marion went on to have a long career as a Manager.

Now 73 years later, the once inseparable co-workers now spend their days causing mischief in their care home.

Winny- I couldn’t feel happier that we’re now reunited and get to reminisce on our old memories, it’s lovely to have a friend.’

Marion came to Lakeside in May this year after battling Covid-19, after never being in a care home she was nervous about coming in to care, Marion say’s she made the right choice, she as lonely at home and now feels happier than she has in a long time.


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