This week Norley Hall care home Wigan have been using Lego Therapy as part of their activities programme.

Building with Lego bricks is a multi-sensory, open-ended experience, so the building projects can be tailored to any person’s unique needs, such as dementia, blindness, deafness, mobility impairment,.  But the format for most Lego therapy programs is the same.


Each participant is assigned a role, and roles are rotated through the group during the task:

Michael, Alan and Rosemary building Wilba the sheep

  • Engineer – oversees the design and makes sure it is followed
  • Builder – puts the bricks together
  • Supplier – keeps track of the type and colour of bricks that are needed and gives the bricks to the builder
  • Director – makes sure that the team is working together and communicating

Lego therapy helps Norley Hall residents to rediscover communication skills and encourages them to socialise.

Kitty short Manager at Lego Legends says ” It reawakens the senses having something to focus on, as one of the residents said it keeps the old cogs going.”

I see many personalities come out during Lego and different stories from residents for example creating a lego sheep brings stories of residents living on a farm.”

Norley Hall will be engaging in Lego therapy on a regular basis as it promotes engagement, health and well being as well as social activity.