Earlier this year when the news broke that a deadly virus was on the way Lavender Hills care home prepared as much as possible that meant they were in a position to deal with what was going to be the most challenging time the care sector has ever seen.

When Coronavirus hit the UK Lavender Hills care home were fortunate to have families and a local community offering their full support; volunteers offering transport for staff to and from work who otherwise would have to use public transport.

Volunteers helping to support all residents at Lavender Hills keeping them entertained in their bedrooms whilst social distancing was put in place.

Lavender Hills activities team have created a whole new meaning for PPE- Personalised private Entertainment.

Residents have been enjoying person cantered activities in the comfort and safety of their bedrooms including crafting, singing, dancing, facetiming and even one resident was found to be clubbing; enjoying a personal disco in her bedroom of the care home.

Nickie Brooks a member of the Activities team at Lavender Hills say’s “Making smiles is so important to us at Lavender Hills, keep smiling everyone.”

Lavender Hills now have Interactive Me set up; a new touchscreen memory tool to support people with living with dementia in the home, this Improves the mental and spiritual health of residents.

The interactive me tablets also have DUO installed meaning staff can call families anywhere in the home at any time of the day.

Carolyn Manager at Lavender Hills care home “We are in this together, and I know we are going through a tough time.

You are all important to us and we care about you and your family, we are trying to do everything we can to help all of us manage through this.  I seriously cannot thank you all enough.”

Staff have managed keep spirits high in the home by creating little videos, the home was bursting with laughter earlier in the week as they put together a peter kay Amarillo video and now plans are in place for a Benny hill sketch.

Carolyn continues “This brings the spirit of the staff up and also makes them think about something positive to do without having the anxiety and negative thoughts at these trying times.”

With early plans in put in place Lavender Hills were fortunate to have locked the home down early which has kept residents safe and well, stopping all none essential visits to hospitals.

To be able to fully locking down a District Nurse team came into Lavender Hills to train staff on how to apply dressings in order to minimise Nurse visits to the home.

Staffs and residents’ temperatures have been taken daily and documented along with support from the local CCG with obtaining tests so residents and staff have been able to keep on top of testing.

All staff now work in zone areas in order to eliminate the virus in the event an outbreak.

A new sink has been fitted outside the main entrance of the home with hand wash, paper towels and instructions on hand washing techniques which has worked very well with deliveries to the home and also staff entering and leaving the home.

Local MP Jake Berry has ensured that Lavender Hills have had extra PPE delivered to the home including shields, gloves and gowns.

Millennium care have supported all homes across the group with equipment needed to take temperatures and PPE to ensure the safety of all staff and residents.

All staff across the Millennium group are very positive on beating this virus and the teams are doing a great job on keeping everyone’s spirits up.

When Coronavirus is a thing of the past, Lavender Hills will be celebrating with a week long party with all staff members residents and their families.