From school days to care home Brian and Jean O’brien have been together for over 70 years.

Brian O’brian first set eyes on his future wife Jean in Walkden High school back in 1947, The twelve year olds immediately struck up a friendship which started when Jean played netball with her class mates in the girls side of the school, Jean would drop the ball and let it roll, Brian would run to pick up the ball and pass it to Jean.

Jean say’s “I used to walk to school everyday down Cow lane and see Brian on the way, he went in to the boys end as i walked in to the girls side of the school.”

Jean an Brian grew closer during their school years with the same circles of friends their love for each other developed and they became inseparable.

After leaving school Brian went in to the army, based in Treiste near Venice he would write to Jean who went on to work in a local Mill.

When Brian eventually left the army he came home and proposed to his childhood sweetheart Jean.

on 21st July 1956 Jean and Brian got married at St John’s church in their home town of Walkden in a double wedding with Brian’s sister Feda and her husband Bill.

After spending many happy years together in their home town of Walkden and having two children Gary and Carole Jean and Brian were both diagnosed with Dementia.

Worthington Lake care home opened their doors this March as a purpose built Dementia care  home located in Standish, Wigan.

Jean and Brian both moved in to Worthington Lake together and are still able to do everything they did in their own home in their new bespoke living environment.

Since moving to Worthington Lake Brian has enjoyed gardening, Jean has been to the top of Mount Snowdon with her friends at Worthington Lake and has even been to see her favourite band in concert Westlife.

Gary O’brien son of the couple say’s ” I’m so glad my mum and dad are not only still able to be together but are able to maintain the life style they have while living with Dementia, it just shows with the right care and in the right environment you can still live a normal life with the condition.”


Ann Manager at Worthington Lake say’s “it’s a pleasure to have Brian and Jean as part of our family here at Worthington Lake, you will often find them kissing and cuddling, they are both very settled and happy here. They quickly became a big part of the home when they moved in.”