Norley Hall care home bring some festive cheer with Visitation lodge opening

Norley Hall care home bring some festive cheer with Visitation lodge opening


Residents at Norley Hall care home in Wigan have come face to face with their loved ones for the first time since the start of lockdown almost ten months ago.

Until now, relatives had been keeping in contact with their elderly family members via Facebook Portal calls.

Norley Hall opened their safe visitation lodge named Rivington View by residents on Friday 4th December with a magical Christmas wonderland theme with Christmas trees, lights and decorations surrounding the home.

Resident Brenda Thomas was the first to meet her daughter Kay for the first time since March.

The Rivington View lodge is vital in allowing care home residents to visit their family and loved ones during the pandemic without compromising safety. It gives back to residents that feeling of connectedness during the pandemic and the ability to see a familiar face from the outside.

Speaking to ITV News ahead of her visit, Kay Kilgallon whose mum, Brenda, is a resident at Norley Hall care home, said: ” I really want to say on behalf of the family a massive thank you to all the staff at Norley Hall for keeping my mum safe throughout the pandemic.

I’m sure it has not been an easy task. I want you all to know it has not been taken for granted, we are very grateful. Each and everyone at Norley Hall are angels in our eyes and nothing is too much trouble, thank you for reuniting us with mum..

Resident Brenda Thomas said – “It was beautiful, I have missed my family and a visit is all I wanted for Christmas”.

Millennium Care are rolling out the visiting lodges to all homes across Lancashire.

Manager at Norley Hall Ian Taylor say’s  “We have ensured that residents have used virtual communication methods to keep in touch with their loved ones, but residents needed that face to face contact. We had a residents meeting where we asked what everyone would love for Christmas this year, the answer was the same throughout the home and that was to see families and loved ones in person.

It has been amazing to make this wish come true, Since opening Rivington View lodge on Friday bookings have been filling up fast.

We are working hard to ensure every resident at Norley Hall will have the opportunity to see a family member in the visitation lodge before Christmas.”

If you have a loved one staying at Norley Hall can book your visits online


If you or a loved one needs care and support, especially during the ongoing pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out to the home about staying at Norley Hall. You can call 01942 224334 or email 

Norley Hall residents and families brought together with opening of covid-secure lodge

Norley Hall residents and families brought together with opening of covid-secure lodge

Norley Hall care home in Wigan announce completion of their Covid secure lodge named Rivington View.

It has been a hard 10 months during the Coronavirus Pandemic, with families being kept apart for their own safety. It’s made people realise more than ever how important it is to stay connected with their friends and families.

That’s why we are thrilled to share the news about the new visitation lodge, Rivington View which is set to open will this Friday 4th December with bookings now available from Monday 7th December.

Residents at Norley Hall care home Wigan and their families are preparing to meet for the first since lockdown in their new Covid secure visitation lodge – Lovingly named by residents, the name is inspired by the wonderful views of Rivington Pike from our home, a place of great meaning to many of us.

Rivington View is Fitted With Key Safety Measures, Keeping you and your loved one safe during the pandemic without the need to wear PPE for a more comfortable, relaxed visit.

  • Separate Entrances For Residents And Visitors
  • Fully-Sealed Anti-Reflective Perspex Screen Divider
  • Air Conditioning And Heating Systems To Ensure The Optimum Temperature
  • Integrated Amplification And Hearing Loop Communication System
  • Automatic Sanitisation System To Prevent Risk Of Contamination



The grand opening will also be featured on Granada Reports tomorrow evening from 6pm.

If you have a loved one staying at Norley Hall can book your visits online here:


If you or a loved one needs care and support, especially during the ongoing pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out to the home about staying at Norley Hall. You can call 01942 224334 or email 




Anne celebrates century birthday with special surprise

Anne celebrates century birthday with special surprise

One Hundred reasons for us all to smile.

A much-loved great-grandmother was given a special surprise under extraordinary circumstances at Norley Hall care home in Wigan.

Anne Arkwright celebrated reaching a century yesterday and celebrated her birthday in style with a socially distant party with Virtual entertainment organised by Elaine Lunn Activities Coordinator at Norley Hall care home Wigan.

The popular 1940’s Golden song birds performed via Skype for the home to mark Anne’s 100th Birthday which added a touch of nostalgia to Anne’s big day

Anne also received the best gift of all — a visit from her much-loved family who were allowed to be a part of the celebrations from the garden of the home keeping to the current safe distancing rules in place at the home.

Having grown up in wigan with her parents and 5 siblings, Ms Arkwright left school at the age of 14 and went to work at Highams florist in Orrell.

During WW2 Anne went to work in Gathurst munitions factory where she would make weapons like shells and bullets; munitions work often involved long hours, sometimes up to seven days a week.

Workers at the Gathurst munitions factory were at serious risk from accidents with dangerous machinery or when working with highly explosive material but a Anne a keen Vera Lynn fan was armed with rousing songs that reflected the mood of a nation fighting for survival against the threat of Nazi domination — We’ll Meet Again and The White Cliffs of Dover.

At the end of WW2 Anne went on to marry Stan Arkwright and they raised 4 children, now proud Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

Daughter Jennifer say’s “My mum has always had such a positive attitude and is much loved by all of her family, even in lockdown she fully enjoyed the celebrations; next year we  will celebrate again when we are all able to be together.”


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100th Birthday


Retired Assistant Chief Fire officer 86 year old Bernard goes back to work for the day

Retired Assistant Chief Fire officer 86 year old Bernard goes back to work for the day

“There was no sympathy in my day if they misbehaved they got the hose at them.”


“Absolutely stunned at the amazing changes and extremely thankful” is how Retired Wigan Chief Fire Officer Bernard felt after his wish of going back to work for the day is granted by Wigan fire station.

Bernard Managed over 8 fire stations during his career which starting in 1952 progressing through the ranks until he was promoted to division commander on 1st August 1977 until his retirement in 1980, Bernard managed stations in Wigan, Bolton, Baccup, Leigh and Chadderton and remembers each station as clear as yesterday.

Bernard’s wish was granted this week thanks to Wigan Fire station and Norley Hall care home Activities co-ordinator Elaine Lunn who came together to organise a day Bernard will never forget.

Bernard arrived at Wigan fire station at 10:30am on 24th July where he was greeted by the watch on duty along with Station Manager John Duffin.

Bernard started the morning by telling the crew what they did in his day and how excited he was to see what had changed since he retired 36 years ago.

The fire crew went through each piece of equipment and talked about what had changed over the years with Bernard telling them how they used it in his day.

The crew then took Bernard outside where he they did a full drill using hoses, equipment and the tower to demonstrate how the would tackle a blaze today.

During the drill Bernard said to Station Manager John “I would like to see them line up and report in for duty like we did in my day”, this is something that hasn’t been done for 20 years but the crew knew exactly what to do and it was an honour to recreate the memory for Bernard going back 40 years.

John Duffin Station Manager say’s “It’s been an absolute pleasure to have Bernard back in the station today, we have all enjoyed his company and thoroughly enjoyed talking about the changes over the years .”

Bernard say’s “It’s been a fantastic day, thank you so much to all the men at Wigan Fire Station, my wish was granted and we have formed a relationship, I will be going back to show them pictures of when I worked there all those years ago, the changes in the station today are amazing, the kit and apparatus these days have come a long long way.”


Bernard shared pictures and news paper clippings of achievement’s during his career including winning a drill competition in 1962 and meeting Prince Charles when he opened the Head Quarters in 1974.


Bernard's Fire engine

Bernard’s Fire engine

Bernard’s promotion 1977

Bernard in uniform



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Wigan Warrior spread Christmas cheer all around Norley Hall care home Wigan

Wigan Warrior spread Christmas cheer all around Norley Hall care home Wigan

Wigan Warriors visit Norley Hall residential and dementia care home in Wigan spreading Christmas cheer amongst residents and fans of over 70 years.

The team of rugby players chose Norley Hall as a place to visit as part of their community spirit project.

Residents at Norley Hall were dumbfounded when they saw the players in their home, Arthur Lloyd has been a fan all of his life and used to go to watch the team as a young boy with his dad many years ago.

Arthur said “I’ve been watching them for many years then suddenly they were there in my lounge, it was amazing! My dad used to take me to see them when I was a boy. My favourite player is the captain, nobody gets past him I call him the Iron man.”

The team have promised Arthur and all residents signed pictures, Arthur plans to keep his picture on his sideboard next to his Wigan Warriors teddy he has had for a very long time.

Other resident fans include George and Michel two gentlemen who remember playing rugby back in their day, they had a good chat with the team and George even showed them a few moves that he remembers from his rugby days.    Michael say’s “Oh it were so good, I enjoyed every minute of it.”                        

The plays arrived at 5 pm Monday evening on 10th December to the home and stayed for over an hour, they drank tea with residents and even got up on the karaoke to sing a few Christmas songs, residents joined in with Jingle bells and the Christmas cheer has stayed all around them home not only for the evening but carrying on to the next day, residents and staff are still talking about it together.


Eric a resident of Norley Hall had his two grandsons visiting at the time, they held the cup for a picture and a moment they will never forget.

The famous cup is the second trophy the home have seen this year after being awarded Top 20 care home in the North West for the fourth consecutive year this year, the home celebrated with a Garden party early summer this year.

Thank you to Wigan Warriors for making the Christmas spirit at Norley Hall come alive this Christmas!



For more information on Norley Hall care home contact Ian or Janet:
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Norley Hall Nursing home hosts garden party in honour of veterans

Norley Hall Nursing home hosts garden party in honour of veterans

Saturday 30th June Norley Hall celebrated Veterans day with summer garden party!

Celebrations to mark Armed Forces Day were a big success at Norley Hall, Staff planned a fun-filled day which included entertainment, a singer, homemade afternoon tea made by the inhouse chef, refreshments, raffles, games and special entertainment for children.

Paula Finance administrator at Norley Hall went a step further as she put her head in the stocks for people to throw wet sponges at her throughout the day, many people took great pleasure in ensuring the sponges didn’t miss. Paula say’s “It was good fun and all for an excellent cause, someone went a bit too far and tipped the whole bucket over me but I’d do it all again.”

As it was a very warm sunny day Norley Hall put up a gazebo to provide shade to their residents, families and the local community along with providing cold beverages throughout the day.

Everyone had a fantastic time at the garden party especially Norley Hall’s very own WW2 Veterans who everyone saluted after a few words to commemorate Veterans day.

Irene a veteran resident at Norley Hall said “Oh it was fantastic”

Irene’s daughter Carole Latimer said “The things they do at Norley Hall, it’s marvellous I can’t praise them enough, my mum was in the land army and she had such a fantastic time celebrating veterans day at the garden party, the effort Joan, Janet and all the staff went to was amazing, they made sure there was a lot of shade for my mum, lovely music was played by an artist and they came round with wine, afternoon tea, sandwiches and all sorts. There was a lovely friendly atmosphere me and my husband stayed all afternoon it was that good. The trouble they always go to, it’s amazing!.”

The dress code for the garden party was to wear a hat which was a good dress code with the resent scorching temperatures, ladies

wore their best hats and gentleman wore caps which protected them from the sun.

Children very much enjoyed the garden party and especially enjoyed the new Norley Hall ice cream parlour in the garden where they could enjoy an ice cream and then have a game of bowls with the Norley Hall residents, Norley Hall have recently come together with the local community to bridge the generation gap and have plans to work closely with their local school St Cuthbert’s in the near future which will involve regular visits between the school and the home, both residents at Norley Hall and the school children enjoy learning from each other, activities will include crafts, knitting and reading clubs.

Joan Stonehouse Manager at Norley Hall said “It was a lovely day, well received by everyone who came and a great way to say a big thank you to our veterans.”

Norley Hall care home receive TOP 20 CARE award for the second year

Norley Hall care home receive TOP 20 CARE award for the second year

Norley Hall care home Wigan have been awarded the Top 20 care award 2018 making it the Fourth consecutive year for Millennium homes in Wigan attaining the Top 20 award, this reflects the culture and values of the care operator.

The prestigious awards high lights the most recommended care homes in each region of the United Kingdom and are based on thousands of reviews and recommendations received from residents, family and friends.

Norley Hall provides that ‘home from home’ feeling the moment you walk through the front door, it is thanks to the dedicated Management team and the care staff at Norley Hall that the home remains a success in providing residential, dementia, respite and end of life care to the Wigan area in Manchester.

Joan Stonehouse the Manager at Norley Hall say’s “This is our second year of receiving the Top 20 care award, and all credit goes out to every member of our staff for their outstanding commitment and hard work they put in towards the care and support that is provided to every resident and also their families, to make this not just a care home but a friendly and welcoming place to be”.

All staff are inspired to winning this award year after year and Norley Hall will be celebrating their Top 20 award achievement with a Garden party later in the year.


In recent inspections all homes across Millennium care have been rated “good” by the CQC and Millennium care were shot listed Innovator and Care employer of the Year 2017. Millennium were also ranked in the top ten care homes in the north West.



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