Millennium care visits can continue in visitation retreats

Millennium care visits can continue in visitation retreats


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the interaction that residents are allowed with their loved ones in care homes across the UK which is why Millennium care UK made the quick decision early this year to provide the next best thing – safe visiting lodges outside the main buildings at homes in the group across Lancashire.

Following the announcement made by Boris Johnson yesterday evening Millennium care would like to reassure all family and friends of residents that visits can continue under Government guidance which states-

You can leave home to visit someone who is in a care home (if permitted under care home guidance) Visits to care homes can take place with arrangements such as substantial screens, visiting pods, or behind windows. contact indoor visits are not allowed. No visits will be permitted in the event of an outbreak.

Thanks to the wonderful safe visitation lodges at Millennium care hundreds of residents have stayed connected with their loved ones and have been able to see them – while socially-distanced and safe – over the last few months and this can continue throughout national lockdown.

If you did not receive an email update regarding visiting policy during national lockdown please find attached below, you can contact your home Manager to add your email address to our database.

Covid letter update 


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Care Home Workers Surprised with ‘Perk Packs’ Over The Festive Period

Care Home Workers Surprised with ‘Perk Packs’ Over The Festive Period

From our carers to our cleaners, our nurses to our cooks – workers at all our Millennium Care Homes are being surprised each week in the lead up to Christmas with bags of gifts.

Millennium’s Head Office, Beth and Katie (AKA Santa’s Little Helpers) have been delivering Millennium staff ‘perk packs’ to each of the 7 care homes in Lancashire.

Throughout December, staff will be surprised with a different pack each week. The packs range from the first week’s pamper pack to more practical items such as toiletries and household cleaning products. This will release the burden of buying such items, meaning staff will have more money for Christmas and spoiling themselves adn their loved ones.

We recognise that it’s been a tough year for our care home workers and this is just one of the many ways we can give back to them for all their hard work in supporting the homes and our residents. We’re very grateful for all the incredible people who work in our care homes and the commitment they have shown particularly throughout the pandemic.

“Throughout December we have provided the staff with weekly perk packages which have included a mixture of essentials items, pamper products and luxury food items.”


“As a Company we felt this would not only provide some ‘goodies’ and merited recognition for our teams, but also alleviate some of the stress that shopping for essential items throughout December can bring; allowing staff to focus their home time indulging in some well-deserved rest and spending quality time with their loved ones, after what has been an extremely difficult year.”


“The packages have been well received by staff, with many saying it has made them feel extremely valued and appreciated especially as many have friends working for other care companies who have not received anything as thoughtful, or even in some cases nothing at all.”


-Katie Salisbury, Group HR Manager

Merry Christmas to all the our employees at Millennium Care – we look forward to a new year working with you all in 2021!

Lavender Hills Care Home

Marley Court Nursing Home

Worthington Lake Care Home

Can You Help Save Christmas for our Care Homes?

Can You Help Save Christmas for our Care Homes?

It’s undoubtedly been a difficult year for everybody during the Covi-19  pandemic, particularly for care homes. As Christmas draws near, what would typically be an occasion full of celebrations and family gatherings has been dimmed by lockdowns and safety concerns.

But Millennium Care Group is determined not to let Covid outshine Christmas for our care homes!

Care homes in the Millennium Care Group have already done a lot to ease the effects of Covid in their homes, most notably by installing Covid-safe visitation lodges to keep residents connected with their families through the pandemic.

With December fast approaching, the care group wants to make this moment extra special for residents, staff and families who have struggled throughout the year. Initially, the plan was to convert visitation lodges into a Christmas lodge for visitors and residents. But with risk of infection control, this unfortunately cannot happen.

Now, the care group is looking for support from the community to turn the outside of all 7 care homes across Wigan, Ramsbottom and Bury into their own winter wonderland with Christmas trees, lights and decorations to brighten up the homes and the spirits of residents.

The homes plan to host special Christmas Light Switch On events that can be celebrated by home residents and staff, shared live over social media for families to be involved, and also host special light drive throughs for the resident’s family members

But it won’t be an easy feat and these care homes are asking for support from their local communities to donate and help in any way possible. Even a small gesture will go a long way to make a big impact for these care homes.

If you would like to support our care homes this Christmas, please contact

Mighty Millennium Marathon

Mighty Millennium Marathon

Millennium care workers will be walking 29.6 miles to 7 care homes – Raising money for the Tom Moore Foundation

Katie Salisbury and Beth Brydges work for Millennium Care, a group of 7 care homes in Wigan and Greater Manchester.

Inspired by Captain Tom and a charity very close to their hearts Katie and Beth have decided to embark on an almost 30 mile walk to 7 care homes within one day.

Starting at Norley Hall care home in the heart of Wigan the walk will end at Lavender Hills care home set on the peak of a hill in Ramsbottom, passing 5 homes along the way.

The duo have fundraised together in the past and Katie even climbed Snowdon last year to raise money for Alzheimer’s society.

Katie say’s “We have seen first-hand the impact that the isolation and loneliness caused by the pandemic, can have on the elderly in our society. We have also been truly moved by the strength they have shown during this time, particularly those in our care, who have shown true resilience and echoed the spirit of Sir Tom Moore.”

Inspired by all of the residents across all Millennium care homes and by Sir Tom Moore Katie and Beth aim to raise £1,000 for the Tom Moore foundation.

Residents at each home plan to show their support with banners and flags as the walkers reach each home with a drone following them on parts of the journey to keep us up to date on how they are getting on.

Captain Tom is on a mission to get as many people as possible walking, talking, spreading hope and easing loneliness.

If you would like to show your support to Katie and Beth you can donate via the link:

For more information on Millennium care visit 

If you feel inspired and want to walk with Tom to spread hope and ease loneliness visit


At Millennium Care, our team and residents provide a warm welcome to all who enter the homes.

The core value of Millennium Care is to encourage all residents to maintain their independence, continuing to enjoy their later years with the knowledge that our team is here to provide a friendly face and chat 24 hours a day.

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Worthington Lake care home staff up for two Awards ‘Hero during Covid-19 pandemic’

Worthington Lake care home staff up for two Awards ‘Hero during Covid-19 pandemic’

Staff at Worthington Lake are home are finalists for care team of the year and Covid Hero award at The Great British Care Awards, North of England Region.

The Care team and Katy Grindley House Lead at Worthington Lake have been recognised individually because of their heroic work during the Covid-19 pandemic, Katy has been shortlisted for the Covid Hero Award and her team for care team Award.

Katy and the care team have worked tirelessly during the pandemic enabling families and residents to maintain meaningful contact during lockdown and ensuring everyday activities in the home could safely continue

The care Hero award is a special award is for an individual who has gone above and beyond during the Covid-19 crisis.

Katy Grindley was promoted to house lead in October 2019.

When Covid-19 hit the UK Katy quickly started putting measures in to place to deal with the country locking down and pandemic at Worthington Lake care home.

Katy showed great leadership skills and managed the care home , staff and residents by putting her own life on hold to ensure the safety of everybody within the home, during this Katie separated the home and took all necessary steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to residents, she kept this under control by ensuring robust infection prevention controls were in place.

while staff members were isolating, Katy worked around the clock covering day and night shifts whilst still keeping staff morale high by often rewarding everyone for their support by cooking special meals for them and bringing in sweets and treats for everyone in the home.

Katy ensured all residents and staff members were safe and remained connected by supporting them as a qualified mental health first-aider.

Kim Jones – Worthington Lake home Manager say’s

“It’s amazing to see Katy get much deserved recognition by way of award for her courage and determination on dealing with Covid-19  with no thought of own risk, a difficult task for an experienced manager let alone a newly promoted House Lead.”

Kim continues ” The Team at Worthington Lake deliver outstanding care not just through the Pandemic which has been exceptional but every day, The team show great courage and determination, they support each other recognising and drawing from each other strengths. Worthington Lake is a purpose built Dementia home, The model of care is the Butterfly approach with no higher archery and one of the first homes in the North West to achieve Gold Accreditation Sterling Award, The team worked together during lockdown to ensure the lives of residents at Worthington Lake were not disrupted, both awards will be very well deserved.”

The nominees will compete for the top award via a virtual judging.

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout the UK and are a celebration  of excellence across the care sector.  The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis the 2020 National Finals will be held virtually on 30th October 2020 

Worthington Lake care home have a 10/10 rating on the country’s leading care home review platform.


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Millennium Care Shortlisted for Prestigious Care Home Awards

Millennium Care Shortlisted for Prestigious Care Home Awards

Marking towards the end of an incredibly difficult year for the care industry, the Millennium Care Group has been shortlisted for two Great British Care Awards. What a brilliant celebration of our hard efforts and joint work of our head office and care home teams!

The awards that Millennium Care are shortlisted for are: Outstanding Contribution to Social Care and the Care Employer of the Year Award.

The Great British Care Awards are a celebration of excellence across the care sector for each region. The awards pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

The Care Employer of the Year award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate employers’ commitment to care and how this is achieving success in delivering an excellent service. Whilst the Outstanding Contribution to Social Care award is a special award will be presented to the individual whom the judges believe has made a long-term outstanding contribution to social care.

The Millennium Care Group is built on an ethos of putting people first – whether this is our residents for receiving a high standard in care, support and quality of life – or recognising and empowering every individual in our workplace.

To be nominated for these awards is an incredible recognition in the commitment that the group has for our residents and staff and we are thrilled as a whole to be in the running for these two esteemed awards.

But it isn’t just the group that is up for awards this year – a few of our care home employees have also been nominated for the 2020 Care Awards. This includes:

Manager of the Year – Kathryn Disley at Windsor House
Social Care Covid Hero – Katy at Worthington Lake
Care Home Chef – Joel at Marley Court.
Music & Dementia at Worthington Lake

Music & Dementia at Worthington Lake

From the moment we start growing music impacts our lives and influences our thoughts and feelings. Even before we develop speech, we understand music and its many rhythms, this continues onto later life when we begin to lose our abilities to speak.

At Worthington Lake Care Home in Standish, we encourage our residents to enjoy and connect once again to their favourite music. As you can see from the photograph, our resident Barbara is happily listening to Queen as a spontaneous activity, with not a care in the world!

Music and Dementia

Music is a powerful tool we use to help communicate with our residents, as music can be engaging with the people that live with us.

Music reminds them of happy memories and events in their life, calming them and in turn making them easier to communicate with and it helps them to connect more with our house assistants.

The science behind music therapy is really quite fascinating. The music that our Residents once listened to are triggering a part of the brain that is untouched by the affects of dementia, this then helps our residents to remember things they enjoy, memories they may have had and they are able to communicate with our helpful staff.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to using music to help care for someone dementia; if for instance, someone who lives with dementia is in need of settling or going through a stage of anxiety or distress, at Worthington Lake Care Home in Standish; music is one of, but a powerful intervention. This has been scientifically proven to have calming and relaxing effects in addition to lifting mood and evoking happy memories.

Other benefits are:

  • Music encourages our Residents to open-up to our staff.
  • Music helps our residents to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • It can reduce the feeling of isolation that someone with dementia might feel.
  • It helps to get our residents in the mood for a sing and dance, which then encourages exercise and getting about the care home.

Taken from a post from, this quote perfectly sums up the response Musical therapy has on people diagnosed with dementia:

“Perhaps most encouraging, some residences are actually seeing a reduction in the need for psychotropic drugs, which carry with them a set of problems all their own.”

What to be aware of

Sadly, some music can trigger very upsetting memories that may be in our Resident’s mind. To fight these bad thoughts and feelings, our fully trained staff make sure that they only use music that the Resident is fond of. Each resident at the home has a playlist. This is built and developed by having an understanding of their life histories and which songs and music resonated with them at key moments in their life and at specific eras. We use this, combined with innovative approaches to technology as part of our approach to a wellbeing orientated model of care.

We love that our residents at Worthington Lakes Care Home, are able to reconnect with their glory days through music. We encourage all of our staff to listen along as well, as you never know, they may enjoy it too!

For more information on Worthington Lake Care Home in Standish, visit our website

Millennium care become first in the North West to be Eden Associates

Millennium care become first in the North West to be Eden Associates

In a culture that typically views ageing as a period of decline, the Eden Alternative philosophy asserts that no matter how old we are or what challenges we live with, life is about continuing to grow.


Millennium care staff attended the three day Eden training programme to improve the well-being of residents and their care partners by transforming the communities in which they live and work across Millennium care homes.

The mission for Millennium care is to eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

The Eden Alternative goes beyond a person-centred approach by incorporating 10 principles: reducing suffering;
promoting relationships with children and animals;companionship; opportunity to give as well as receive
care; variety and spontaneity.

During the three days the staff from Millennium homes across Lancashire took part in engaging activities and discussions on how they plan to use the Eden Alternative going forward in their homes.

Katie Sailisbury – Senior HR Generalist for Millennium Care say’s

“I love how Eden really pushes the boundaries of traditional Management styles and people management within the  Care Sector. As a HR professional, I am always looking at ways to innovate the typical people managements styles to incorporate the wellbeing of our employees.

If our employees are not content or don’t find fulfilment and enjoyment in their work, this will negatively impact the care they provide our residents.

Eden helped me understand the importance of ensuring we empower our staff, see them as customers of our service and ensure we provide Leadership and not just Management; and I am extremely excited to see how this concept of thinking will shape my role going forward.”

Neda Ethemam – Group Resident Well-being Lead say’s

“Undertaking the three-day Eden Alternative Training has been hugely beneficial in broadening our awareness of the three plagues of Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom as potential detriments to well-being and gave a fresh perspective on approaches to mitigating these.

this new knowledge will form part of the Resident Well-being Strategy across the group which promotes the voice of our residents in their care partnerships.”

Millennium care homes across Lancashire now plan to put their new training in to practise starting with vision boards for each home as well as new policy’s across the board such as ‘Down Tools time’ where all homes stop work at 11am for 20 minutes every day to spend quality time with residents promoting loving companionship’s across all homes.

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