Covid-Safe Visitations Begin at Lavender Hills

Covid-Safe Visitations Begin at Lavender Hills

Following in the footsteps of Lakeside and Worthington Lake, Lavender Hills Care Home has opened their Covid-safe visitation lodge – lovingly named The Evenlina Park Lodge.

The build of the new visitation lodge has been much anticipated by the home staff, residents and families alike – and it couldn’t have come at a better time with England going back into lockdown during the pandemic.

What started as a simple Facebook poll on interior design themes, blossomed into a gorgeous outdoor lodge with all the cosiness and comfort you’d expect from a woodland cabin. Perfect for sitting down with your loved ones and having a good old catch up and admiring the wonderful views of the Rossendale Valley.

The lodge has been named in honour of the Lavender Hills long-time resident, Evelina Park, a former RAF veteran who celebrated her 100th birthday with the home earlier in the year. Yet whilst the lodge has been named in her honour as a belated birthday gift, it truly is a worthwhile gift for all residents and their families.

Finally, they can be together again. Finally, they can reunite.

If you have a loved one staying at Lavender Hills you can book your visits online here:


If you or a loved one needs care and support, especially during the ongoing pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out to the home about staying at Lavender Hills. You can call 01706 828 412 or email the home manager at


It’s been a long year with care home visits sparse throughout and Millennium Care Group think it’s about time that all our home are able to safely reunite our residents with their loved ones. This includes Norley Hall, Windsor House, Marley Court and Brookdale Care Home. We will be posting regular updates on these new visitations lodges on our website.

Work on Lavender Hills secure visitation lodge gets underway this week

Work on Lavender Hills secure visitation lodge gets underway this week

Lavender Hills Care Home are in the process of building a Covid secure visitation lodge so residents can visit their family and friends during the pandemic whilst adhering to government guidelines.

The lodge has Covid-19 safety measures including two entrances, a perspex room divider and an automatic sanitisation system which ensure that residents and visitors can enjoy their visit to Lavender Hills care home without worry.

Whilst the lodge is designed with security in mind, it isn’t a cold nor uninviting space with specially designed insulation and an interior design chosen by the local community the lodge is as cosy and warm as our living room.

Features such as an automatic sanitisation system means that following each visit the area is made sterile for the next guests and resident. This means that visitors and residents don’t require PPE, which can seem alien to many of the care home residents.

Lavender Hills care home Manager Stacey Astin say’s

“We are extremely pleased to be able to announce our new visitation lodge, the build has started this week meaning our lovely residents will soon be able to spend time with their loved ones in a safe environment. as families are as much a part of our home as our residents.”

The lodge comes after the success of the Rawthrone retreat  based at Worthington Lake care home in Standish Wigan, another home of the  Millennium care family which was the first of it’s kind in the North and featured on BBC news.

The new visitation Lodge at Lavender Hills will feature the tried and tested online booking feature on the Lavender Hills website allowing families to arrange quality time with their loved ones at the click of a button.

You can keep up to date with the build and have your say on interior design by visiting our Lavender Hills care home Facebook page

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Meet our new home manager at Lavender Hills care home

Meet our new home manager at Lavender Hills care home

At Lavender Hills care home we’re delighted to welcome Stacey Astin as our new home Manager, Stacey has worked in the care industry for 15 years and has undertaken a wide variety of roles within health and social care.

Stacey has a clear passion for care and is excited to bring new and exciting plans to Lavender Hills care home with a strong focus on building a family bond with residents and their loved ones.

With a history with the home dating back to childhood Stacey already has a strong bond with Lavender Hills care home from her mum managing the home over 30 years ago.

Stacey main priority for Lavender Hills is to create a happy environment where residents and families feel genuinely at home and carry on with every day hobbies, enjoy all the festive periods with parties and generally have fun as a family.

Watch the video below – An introduction with Stacey and upcoming plans for Lavender Hills care home.


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How Lavender Hills care home are battling Coronavirs and putting a whole new meaning to PPE

How Lavender Hills care home are battling Coronavirs and putting a whole new meaning to PPE

Earlier this year when the news broke that a deadly virus was on the way Lavender Hills care home prepared as much as possible that meant they were in a position to deal with what was going to be the most challenging time the care sector has ever seen.

When Coronavirus hit the UK Lavender Hills care home were fortunate to have families and a local community offering their full support; volunteers offering transport for staff to and from work who otherwise would have to use public transport.

Volunteers helping to support all residents at Lavender Hills keeping them entertained in their bedrooms whilst social distancing was put in place.

Lavender Hills activities team have created a whole new meaning for PPE- Personalised private Entertainment.

Residents have been enjoying person cantered activities in the comfort and safety of their bedrooms including crafting, singing, dancing, facetiming and even one resident was found to be clubbing; enjoying a personal disco in her bedroom of the care home.

Nickie Brooks a member of the Activities team at Lavender Hills say’s “Making smiles is so important to us at Lavender Hills, keep smiling everyone.”

Lavender Hills now have Interactive Me set up; a new touchscreen memory tool to support people with living with dementia in the home, this Improves the mental and spiritual health of residents.

The interactive me tablets also have DUO installed meaning staff can call families anywhere in the home at any time of the day.

Carolyn Manager at Lavender Hills care home “We are in this together, and I know we are going through a tough time.

You are all important to us and we care about you and your family, we are trying to do everything we can to help all of us manage through this.  I seriously cannot thank you all enough.”

Staff have managed keep spirits high in the home by creating little videos, the home was bursting with laughter earlier in the week as they put together a peter kay Amarillo video and now plans are in place for a Benny hill sketch.

Carolyn continues “This brings the spirit of the staff up and also makes them think about something positive to do without having the anxiety and negative thoughts at these trying times.”

With early plans in put in place Lavender Hills were fortunate to have locked the home down early which has kept residents safe and well, stopping all none essential visits to hospitals.

To be able to fully locking down a District Nurse team came into Lavender Hills to train staff on how to apply dressings in order to minimise Nurse visits to the home.

Staffs and residents’ temperatures have been taken daily and documented along with support from the local CCG with obtaining tests so residents and staff have been able to keep on top of testing.

All staff now work in zone areas in order to eliminate the virus in the event an outbreak.

A new sink has been fitted outside the main entrance of the home with hand wash, paper towels and instructions on hand washing techniques which has worked very well with deliveries to the home and also staff entering and leaving the home.

Local MP Jake Berry has ensured that Lavender Hills have had extra PPE delivered to the home including shields, gloves and gowns.

Millennium care have supported all homes across the group with equipment needed to take temperatures and PPE to ensure the safety of all staff and residents.

All staff across the Millennium group are very positive on beating this virus and the teams are doing a great job on keeping everyone’s spirits up.

When Coronavirus is a thing of the past, Lavender Hills will be celebrating with a week long party with all staff members residents and their families.


Local MP joins care home celebrations following CQC success

Local MP joins care home celebrations following CQC success

Lavender Hills care home continue to maintain high standards in latest report by the Care Quality Commission as well as great community reputation recognised by MP Jake Berry who joined in the homes country and western celebrations.


In a recent routine inspection, CQC assessed Lavender Hills care home, Ramsbottom and the team who provide care to residents. The service was assessed on five areas – whether the service in the home was safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. CQC awarded Lavender Hills with a ‘Good’ in all areas mentioning each area of the home in a positive way.



Lavender Hills celebrated their third in a row GOOD in all areas report with a country and western themed party, all staff dressed up including Jamie Fowell Maintenance man who rode a blow up horse for the day.



An entertainer came in the home for the day to perform as well as teach residents and staff how to line dance which lead to a line dancing performance from all the staff at the end of the party.


MP Jake Berry attended the party and spoke to everybody in the home in a speech saying “Hello everyone, I’ve enjoyed your line dancing! I’m the Member of Parliament for Rossendale and Darwen and I’ve come here today to say well done Lavender Hills on your recent inspection, it’s a team effort and you all deserve a round of applause.It’s a pleasure to spend some of today with you.”

Lavender Hills resident meets MP

MP James Frith proudly meeting Harold d’day veteran

Helen Inman home Manager say’s

“I am so extremely proud of the whole team at Lavender Hills. It’s amazing to see our efforts recognised not just by the regulator but by our local community and MPs who came to celebrate with us. I would like to thank the team for the amazing work they do in making Lavender Hills a great place to be, we’re like a big family here and even visitors recognise that.”


“We are so pleased that our local MP Jake Berry came to celebrate with us and spoke to everyone at Lavender Hills to say well done.”


Jake Berry is the second MP to visit Lavender Hills in the past week as MP James Frith called in to say thank you to war veteran 96 year old Harold Holiday who shared his story of the d’day landings on the recent 75th Anniversary of d’day.


Harold say’s “It’s been fantastic, my family are very happy with the recent visits. It’s so nice that busy MPs find time to come and visit their constituents”

For more information on Lavender Hills email, visit or call 01706 828412

Lavender Hill staff line dancing for residents

Lavender Hill staff line dancing for residents



Lavender Hills care home Bury enjoys visit from MP who thanks D’day veteran

Lavender Hills care home Bury enjoys visit from MP who thanks D’day veteran

MP James Frith visited Lavender Hills care home to thank the veterans for their service to our country

D’day hero Harold Holiday had a lovely surprise on Thursday as MP James Frith visits him and his friends at Lavender Hills care home following a day of marking 75 years since d’day.


James Frith Tweeted “My honour to do so. We owe so much to so few. It was my pleasure to spend an afternoon with Harold discussing the chapters of his life including his landing on Normandy beach.”

Harold who recently turned 96 Harold is a d’day veteran and the proud owner of the legion d’honneur the highest French order of merit for military and civil merit for service in France.

Lavender Hills resident meets MP

MP James Frith proudly meeting Harold d’day veteran

The medal was awarded to Harold back in 2016 by president Hollande, Harold was incredibly proud to show his award to MP James Frith over a long chat on Thursday evening.

Harold told Mr Frith all about his time in WW2 and what he had done over the following 75 years.

Harold goes on to say “ Well I had passed the top rate as a signal man, there were three trade tests and I didn’t know what I had let myself in for.”

“My word the Germans had u-boats, I was on the Empire ship and had to climb the rope ladder in to the landing craft.”

“I was responsible for the reconstruction of the communications hub between England and Europe allowing our troops to communicate.”

“It was a very specialist job and within weeks we had it working, I worked every day.”

James asked Harold “where did you sleep?” I slept in the telephone building, I used to get quite a good nights sleep actually.

Harold goes on to tell James about a special night off where he went to see an Australian Soprano not realising until the war was over that he was actually sat just a few rows in front of his future Wife and Father in law.

Harold’s Daughter Gillian tells MP James Frith how her incredibly intelligent Father would have gone to Oxford University had it not been for the War, when Harold returned home from the war it was time to go out to work.

Harold turned 21 the Day after d’day but with so much going on he didn’t even realise at the time.

Harold tells James Frith about living at Lavender Hills care home and how well they look after him, Harold surrounded by Birthday cards after recently turning 96 said look at this card, Harold had a card proudly displayed that had been signed by all staff at Lavender Hills and goes on to say “They all came to see me one by one and wished me a happy birthday, they’re great here, I have my own seat where I can see the amazing view we have from the terrace lounge.”

Lavender Hills care home resident with MP James Frith

Lavender Hills care home resident proudly shows MP medal from d’day landings.

Harold has been resident at Lavender Hills care home Bury since December 2018 and feels at home with his own paintings and pictures from home and friends who he enjoys activities with ran by the homes award winning activities team Nickie and Gaynor.

Following the visit from MP James Frith Harold says “ It was a resounding success he was very interested in one or two things and I enjoyed chatting to him very much,”

Gillian hoar Harold Daughter says “It’s wonderful that a busy MP will prioritise a  constituent such as my dad and take the time to listen to him.”

For more information on Lavender Hills care home contact visit or call 01706 828412

Courage of the D-Day landings brought to life by 97 year old Harold and friend Dorris

Courage of the D-Day landings brought to life by 97 year old Harold and friend Dorris

Residents at Lavender Hills care home reminisce the D-day from the comfort of their home in Ramsbottom.
Harold with his D-day Medals at Lavender Hills care home

Harold with his D-day Medals at Lavender Hills care home

Harold 96 says “I remember every second of it, it was unforgettable.”

Harold continues ” I was the first to be ordered to descend the rope ladder over the Atlantic ocean. The only thing i was worried about was i couldn’t swim, at the end of the rope ladder i had to help swing myself between the vessels and the rescuers.

I refused to take advantage of the first swing but i got it on the second, i was safe i hand landed on the beach.

I was presented with the Légion d’honneur which is the highest medal in France and has to be approved by the French president, it’s given to anybody who has done anything significant in France.

The day after D-day it was my 21st Birthday, i will be celebrating my birthday again tomorrow with my friends here at Lavender Hills.

Dorris 94 says “I remember D-day clearly, i was making aircraft valves, they came in to tell us the news but we couldn’t stop working, i was only 18 at the time and i had left home to work, i shared a hostel with many other girls, we had to wear underwear that was made from parachutes, you didn’t ask questions.

If i went to a dance at night and the alarm was sounded i had to stay there until it was clear to leave.”


Lavender Hills care home have recently been inspected by CQC and have been rated Good in all areas of the home.

For more information on Lavender Hills visit or email or call: 01706 828412