The beginning of the end as Lakeside care home residents receive vaccination

The beginning of the end as Lakeside care home residents receive vaccination

Lakeside care home is the first in Wigan to receive a visit from the health board staff to administer the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

The atmosphere in the home was electric as residents received hand-delivered letters to say they would be able to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in the home this afternoon. The home celebrated with a glass of bubbly and a good old-fashioned sing-song.
Best friends Winnie Shaw and Marion Darbyshire were first in line for the vaccine, the pair who are nicknamed double trouble after reuniting at Lakeside care home after 73 years apart held hands as they were vaccinated, Marion Darybyshire 91 say’s “I didn’t feel a thing, it is very important that you have it.”
Home Manager Gail Howard expressed her delight that residents were able to get the vaccine.
Gail said: “This is such an exciting day for us at Lakeside and we could not be happier. We have been singing and dancing to celebrate.
This past year has been like no other. Our team have worked so very hard to keep our residents as safe as possible, we have had to think outside of the box at times for activities, we have been out in our minibus to safari parks and drive-in cinemas but we haven’t been able to get off that bus, we are now one step closer to being able to get back to normality.
Gail continues “We know how hard it has been for relatives and friends who have only been able to see their loved ones in our visitation lodge and denied the ability to hug them during these difficult times. This vaccine is hopefully the beginning of the end for us, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.”
Residents at the home will be receiving their second dose of the vaccine within the next 4-12 weeks, which will complete their coronavirus vaccinations 

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Lakeside care home introduce Stimulake

Lakeside care home introduce Stimulake

What is Stimulake at Lakeside?

At Lakeside care home we are using Sensory stimulation every day in our home, we do this by using a range of materials and activities that can help awaken your loved one’s senses.

This technique is especially beneficial for people who have memory-related conditions such as dementia, or people regaining their abilities after a stroke.

Sensory therapy uses everyday objects and gentle activities to help to trigger memories and lessen the feeling of isolation and can be calming and enjoyable for elderly people.

At Lakeside we are using many different ways to stimulate residents, these include-

  • Sensory therapy
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Reminiscence sights and sounds
  • Massage and treatments in our wellness room
  • crafts and games
  • Writing
  • Hobbies and pastimes
  • Outdoor activities and exercise
  • spontaneity
  • Pet Therapy



Sensory stimulation could be something as simple as talking about where you grew up, what your childhood was like or taking a step further and revisiting an area, this week Winnie who is a resident at Lakeside care home spoke fondly about her memories of growing up in the local Wigan area, Ash our Activities and Wellness co-ordinator decided to take Winnie on a trip to re-visit the area where she was born in 1925.

The sights, sounds and smells of the local area, brought back so many memories that sparked many conversations throughout the afternoon, including how Winnie and her siblings had to use an outdoor WC which would have been very cold in Winter.


Lakeside Therapy Room

Here at Lakeside care home we benefit from a Therapy room, giving residents the opportunity for an activity that is free from cognitive demands enabling them to feel relaxed and entertained.


What our residents say

Louis say’s ” The activities have proved to be an outstanding success, not only have they improved my life, but also the people surrounding me.

One of the many things I have gained is making friends and social interaction. I look forward to going to the activity room and participating in various activities. We are always doing something different and create an atmosphere of pleasure, smiles and laughter.

Ash our Activities Co-Ordinator is continuously thriving to improve the quality of our lives externally and internally.


Derek say’s “I feel that the activities at Lakeside have gone a long way in improving both my general and mental health.”

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Lakeside’s Long Lost Friends

Lakeside’s Long Lost Friends

Childhood friends now 95 and 91 recognise each other when they see each other for the first time in 73 years after moving into Lakeside care home for respite.

Marion- ‘I couldn’t believe it when we were sat at the same table for dinner, I said is it Winny Jones? as there can’t be many Winny’s around and it was her.

‘I feel lucky to have my friend back in my life, we get on just as well now as we did back then.’

The childhood friends both grew up in Wigan, they both worked together at Coops factory in Wigan where they grew close, the pair lost contact when Winny left Coops to start a family, Marion went on to have a long career as a Manager.

Now 73 years later, the once inseparable co-workers now spend their days causing mischief in their care home.

Winny- I couldn’t feel happier that we’re now reunited and get to reminisce on our old memories, it’s lovely to have a friend.’

Marion came to Lakeside in May this year after battling Covid-19, after never being in a care home she was nervous about coming in to care, Marion say’s she made the right choice, she as lonely at home and now feels happier than she has in a long time.


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Inside Lakeside – October 2020 Newsletter

Inside Lakeside – October 2020 Newsletter

We are so happy to share with you our Lakeside Newsletter for September 2020. We hope this gives you a sneak peek at life in Lakeside and all the fun we’ve been getting up to!

Download a PDF of our newsletter: Inside Lakeside Vol. 2

Coming Into Care: Marion’s Story

Coming Into Care: Marion’s Story

Coming Into A Care Home Can Be A Nerve-Wracking Experience – Especially During A Pandemic. This Is Marion’s Story.

Before coming into a care home, Marion was lonely and felt out of touch with the rest of the world other than her close family members. This feeling of loneliness only got worst when during the Coronavirus pandemic when the country went into lockdown.

Wanting a change, Marion decided to go into a care home. After researching care homes that offer respite and residential care, she chose to come to Lakeside Care Home.


Coming into a care home can be a nerve-wracking experience, even more so in the midst of a pandemic. Leaving her home and coming to a new environment did make Marion feel nervous, but she was a trooper. The moment Marion came through our doors, she felt like part of the Lakeside family.

Within a couple of weeks, Marion had settled nicely and has made friends with the Lakeside staff and other residents. Her days were spent chatting with friends over mealtimes an in the lounges, and taking part in activities run by our Activities Coordinator, Ash.

Baking, painting and partying – Marion has made the most out of her time with us and we love having her as part of our Lakeside family. We hope you enjoy listening to her story.


Marion’s story shows that you don’t have to be lonely. There is always people out there to help – especially at one of our care homes. If you are lonely and looking for support, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Whether for a short while or a long-term basis.

Call our Lakeside team on 01257 422 931

Grand Opening of The Rawsthorne Retreat

Grand Opening of The Rawsthorne Retreat

We are very happy to share that our safe visitation lodge, The Rawsthorne Retreat, officially opened for families and friends of our Lakeside residents to visit their loved ones at the end of August.
The grand opening was a very exciting day for both Lakeside and Worthington Lake care homes as we celebrated the opening of the retreat.


Named after our Lakeside resident, Alan Rawsthorne, the man of honour cut the ribbon himself and declared the lodge open for visits to begin. He was then shown inside for a wonderful surprise as we revealed that his niece was waiting for him on the other side! It was such a heartwarming moment for everyone watching.
The Rawsthorne Retreat is the first of it’s kind in the North West and we’re so pleased to be able to share it with our residents and family members as our commitment to keep you connected and safe during the ongoing pandemic.


Since opening, we’ve already have over 150 visitations booked through our website which is such an incredible result. We’re hoping that family and loved ones of our care home residents enjoy their visits for the lodge and being reunited in a more personal way than over video calls.

If you still haven’t booked a visit to see your loved one in The Rawsthorne Retreat you can do so here.