Inside Lakeside – October 2020 Newsletter

Inside Lakeside – October 2020 Newsletter

We are so happy to share with you our Lakeside Newsletter for September 2020. We hope this gives you a sneak peek at life in Lakeside and all the fun we’ve been getting up to!

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Coming Into Care: Marion’s Story

Coming Into Care: Marion’s Story

Coming Into A Care Home Can Be A Nerve-Wracking Experience – Especially During A Pandemic. This Is Marion’s Story.

Before coming into a care home, Marion was lonely and felt out of touch with the rest of the world other than her close family members. This feeling of loneliness only got worst when during the Coronavirus pandemic when the country went into lockdown.

Wanting a change, Marion decided to go into a care home. After researching care homes that offer respite and residential care, she chose to come to Lakeside Care Home.


Coming into a care home can be a nerve-wracking experience, even more so in the midst of a pandemic. Leaving her home and coming to a new environment did make Marion feel nervous, but she was a trooper. The moment Marion came through our doors, she felt like part of the Lakeside family.

Within a couple of weeks, Marion had settled nicely and has made friends with the Lakeside staff and other residents. Her days were spent chatting with friends over mealtimes an in the lounges, and taking part in activities run by our Activities Coordinator, Ash.

Baking, painting and partying – Marion has made the most out of her time with us and we love having her as part of our Lakeside family. We hope you enjoy listening to her story.


Marion’s story shows that you don’t have to be lonely. There is always people out there to help – especially at one of our care homes. If you are lonely and looking for support, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Whether for a short while or a long-term basis.

Call our Lakeside team on 01257 422 931

Grand Opening of The Rawsthorne Retreat

Grand Opening of The Rawsthorne Retreat

We are very happy to share that our safe visitation lodge, The Rawsthorne Retreat, officially opened for families and friends of our Lakeside residents to visit their loved ones at the end of August.
The grand opening was a very exciting day for both Lakeside and Worthington Lake care homes as we celebrated the opening of the retreat.


Named after our Lakeside resident, Alan Rawsthorne, the man of honour cut the ribbon himself and declared the lodge open for visits to begin. He was then shown inside for a wonderful surprise as we revealed that his niece was waiting for him on the other side! It was such a heartwarming moment for everyone watching.
The Rawsthorne Retreat is the first of it’s kind in the North West and we’re so pleased to be able to share it with our residents and family members as our commitment to keep you connected and safe during the ongoing pandemic.


Since opening, we’ve already have over 150 visitations booked through our website which is such an incredible result. We’re hoping that family and loved ones of our care home residents enjoy their visits for the lodge and being reunited in a more personal way than over video calls.

If you still haven’t booked a visit to see your loved one in The Rawsthorne Retreat you can do so here.
Residents Gather to Watch Visitation Lodge Landing

Residents Gather to Watch Visitation Lodge Landing

Last Friday, The Rawsthorne Retreat officially landed here at our Lakeside and Worthington Lake Care Homes, and what an exciting moment it was! Residents and staff from both homes gathered to watch as the visitation lodge arrived and was placed between the homes.

Safety is paramount for The Rawsthorne Retreat – with measure including two entrances, a perspex room divider and an automatic sanitisation system ensuring that residents and visitors can enjoy their visit without worry.

The retreat has been much-anticipated for both the Millennium Care Homes. It means that care home residents will finally be reunited with their loved ones safely in the midst of the Covid pandemic and the Lockdown. It’s a symbol of hope for our residents and their families to be together again.

The grand opening of The Rawsthorne Retreat is scheduled for Thursday 20th August, with family visits starting from Friday 21st. Families with residents at Lakeside Care Home and Worthington Lake Care Home will be able to book their visits online.

The response from the visitation lodge has been tremendous and the Millennium Care family are overjoyed at the prospects that The Rawsthorne Retreat brings to our care home residents and their families. This is very much a happy occasion for all, amidst these trying times.


Coming Soon to Lakeside & Worthington Lake…

Coming Soon to Lakeside & Worthington Lake…

Millennium Care will soon be reuniting our residents with their loved ones following the Coronavirus Pandemic

It had been a hard few months during the Coronavirus Pandemic, with families being kept apart for their own safety. It’s made people realise more than ever how important it is to stay connected with their friends and families. That’s why we are very excited to share about the new visitation lodge coming to our Worthington Lake and Lakeside Care Homes very soon!

Named The Rawsthorne Retreat after one of our very own residents at Lakeside (ssh, that parts still a surprise!) – we can’t wait to see the changes the lodge brings to both our care homes and the opportunity it brings with it. Already, our care home managers Kim (Worthington Lake) and Gail (Lakeside) are full of exciting ideas and we can’t wait for all the fun activities the lodge will bring for our residents.


Of course, the most important opportunity that the Rawsthorne Retreat will bring to both care homes is for families to visit residents. It’s never easy being away from loved ones and every moment counts. Which is why we want to help bring families and friends together in a secure environment that they can be assured will keep their loved one safe.

The Rawsthorne Retreat is fitted with key safety measures including:

  • Separate entrances for residents and visitors
  • A fully-sealed Anti-Reflective Perspex room divider that provides safety without the need for PPE
  • Air-conditioning and heating systems for comfort
  • Interated amplification and hearing loop communication system
  • Automatic Sanitisation System used between each visit to prevent risk of contamination

Family is important, especially during these trying times. Therefore, our new visitation lodge couldn’t come at a better time. The team at Millennium Care are excited to see where this new development takes is and how it helps to better encourage closer connections for our residents with their loved ones and community.

Discover more about The Rawsthorne Retreat here.

Do you know Handlebar Harry?

Do you know Handlebar Harry?

William Alan Rawsthorn spent over 30 years working as a local Wigan police officer now retired and living at Lakeside Nursing home in Standish William remembers Lakeside being a Naughty boys home many many years ago.

William born in 1931 lived through WW2 as a child before going in to National service at 18, when leaving National service William decided he wanted a career in the forces, at 20 years old he joined the police force in Lower Ince Ince Wigan in 1951.

William spent 12 months in Lower Ince before moving to Golborne and Shevington.

“ Every day was different, I’d start at 2pm and had no idea what was going to happen between 2pm and 10pm, I was there for the Miners strikes and the riots in Liverpool but as a police officer you have a very special bond with your colleagues that never goes, you look after each other.” – William say’s.

William tells the story of how he was given the nickname Handlebar Harry, this came from the children in the area laughing at his police bike and the handlebars on it, the name stuck with him for many years and even today people call him Harry.

We are looking for anyone who might remember William or Handlebar Harry to come and join us at Lakeside, we would love to set up a retired policeman’s group as we love reminiscing about the olden days in Wigan with William.

Please get in touch with

Lakeside Nursing home work on ‘Edenising’ their home with vision boards

Lakeside Nursing home work on ‘Edenising’ their home with vision boards

Lakeside Nursing home work on vision boards to make changes to the way their home provides care after being inspired during a three day Eden Alternative training programme.

It was Bill Thomas who introduced the Eden Alternative in 1991 which would change care forever, the Eden Alternative is based on the core belief that ageing should be a continued stage of development and growth, rather than a period of decline.

Lakeside Nursing home staff have values and a vision that will positively change the home promoting independence and  companionship whilst scrapping the traditional care home rule book.

This week Lakeside held a vision board workshop where every member of staff in the home from the Chefs in the Kitchen to the Management came together to design what they would want in a home, putting themselves in to the shoes of an elderly resident coming in to care what would they want to bring, everyone chose six things that are important to them in every day life mostly including holidays, comfort, relaxing in a nice bath and many more things.

The vision board process consisted of everyone having paper, magazines, glue and scissors so they were able to visually create what they wanted in their ideal care environment, this process will be repeated with the residents of Lakeside care home and all vision boards will come together to create a plan for the home.

Lakeside staff have the mindset of ‘why not’ everything is possible and just because you’re in a care home you don’t have to give up what matters to you in life whether that be pets, holidays, meals out, your own bed or a relaxing bath; it’s all possible.

Debbie Cank Manager at Lakeside Nursing home say’s – ” It’s important to all of us here at Lakeside that when someone comes in to our home that they feel at home, that they are able to still do the things they have always enjoyed and we don’t take away that sense of independence, following Eden training we have all come together with a plan to do what we can to make sure nobody living at Lakeside ever feels any of the plagues of old age, we want a home filled with laughter and happiness.”

For more information on Lakeside visit or email Debbie at