Midwives at Lakeside as baby Chicks are born

Lakeside care home welcomes fluffy new arrivals   At Lakeside nursing home in Standish, residents and staff have carefully looked after five chick eggs in hope they would hatch in to baby chicks and become part of the family at Lakeside and they have not been disappointed. The eggs hatched on Thursday 12th April amazing everybody at Lakeside as the cute bundles of soft yellow fur entered the world. Residents have been waiting in anticipation over the past few weeks, spirits are full of the joys of spring at Lakeside nursing home now they can watch their baby chicks play and …

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Happy 90th Birthday Harvey Elliott

At Brookdale care home this week celebrations have been underway with a very special 90th Birthday, Harvey Elliott resident at Brookdale care home Bury turned 90 years old on 11th April. Harvey celebrated his birthday with friends at Brookdale care home with a party which included a performance from a ventriloquist, followed by music and dancing which encouraged residents to get up and join in, this was enjoyed by all, Marie a resident at Brookdale said “It was fantastic, the dancing reminded me of years ago when there used to be a Wednesday evening ballroom dancing club, It was great.” Edith …

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Brookdale care home Bury they have been working on a study in to the benefits of pet therapy, Many studies have been completed over the years to establish positive and negative effects of pet therapies. It was proposed that Brookdale care home Bury may benefit from having a pet within the dementia care unit. Edith Tucker, the registered care manager at Brookdale care home voiced her concerns of falls risk but is open to the idea of a trial, she has supplied her own pet dog ‘Suzie’ for a two day period to establish any hazards and benefits that having a …

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Millennium care

Daffodil Lodge care home opens the doors with Footballer

Daffodil Lodge care home Southport opened this weekend with a 1940’s style party, the ribbon was cut by Southport footballer Adam Ryan Dawson and the local community came together to celebrate the opening of Daffodil Lodge care home, Daffodil Lodge is Managed by Lea Jones who also manages Marina care home just around the corner from Daffodil, Marina was taken over by Millennium care uk in 2016, Manager Lea and Deputy Manager Adam Holmes along with staff have worked hard as a team on both Marina and Daffodil care homes to make them a safe, comfortable and homely home. Residents …

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Millennium Care strengthens management team with Emma Fallon as HR Manager.

Millennium care welcomes Emma Fallon Emma joined Millennium care last week as HR Manager Director of Millennium care Omair Haider says “We’re really pleased to have Emma on board our senior management team bringing to the company highly innovative HR practices. Emma is very well respected in both HR and the care home sector and brings with her over a decade and a half of exemplary HR leadership work in the health and social sector. This seeks to cement a distinct strategic priority as becoming an employer of choice and one that recognises the importance of employee empowerment and wellness.” …

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Diamond wedding day

Lavender Hills care home residents mark 60 years of marriage with a telegram from Buckingham Palace and a 1950’s party

Lavender Hills residents celebrate their 60 year marriage in true 1950’s street party style! Bill and Margaret Jones are both resident at Lavender Hills care home where they still hold hands everyday, this week Bill and Margaret have been Married 60 years, they were just 22 and 25 when they married in Lancashire. To mark this very special land mark Lavender Hills care home held a 1950’s style street party with guest singers Vintage Pearls. Everybody dressed how the the residents did back in the 1950’s, ladies wore head scarves with pink rollers in and gentlemen wore top hats with …

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A day in the life of Ken: Lavender Hills hygiene operative

Ken loves working at Lavender Hills and he describes what it is like working with the residents in a short video clip. Ken’s bubbly personality and infectious smile makes Lavender Hills such a nice atmosphere for everybody. If you would like to receive more information about one of our residential nursing homes, or would like someone from Millennium Homes to contact you to discuss your specific requirements in more detail, please contact us. Tel: 01706 828 412 or Email:

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Top 20 care award

Norley Hall care home receive TOP 20 CARE award for the second year

Norley Hall care home Wigan have been awarded the Top 20 care award 2018 making it the Fourth consecutive year for Millennium homes in Wigan attaining the Top 20 award, this reflects the culture and values of the care operator. The prestigious awards high lights the most recommended care homes in each region of the United Kingdom and are based on thousands of reviews and recommendations received from residents, family and friends. Norley Hall provides that ‘home from home’ feeling the moment you walk through the front door, it is thanks to the dedicated Management team and the care staff …

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Brookdale care home encourage residents and staff to graze on healthy snacks by helping themselves to their new graze stations

Brookdale care home Bury have a series of ‘graze stations’ installed at the home’s Cherry Blossom House, a section of the home that cares for those with dementia. designed to look and have a homely feel to them – soft wood, deliberate slats so that residents can see through them when sat down and installed at low level so residents can see them when walking installed to empower residents to eat a variety of snacks without reliance on asking staff – frees residents that aren’t able to communicate their needs to snack as and when they feel residents with dementia …

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Millennium care UK shares best practice alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The Parliamentary Review

Millennium care UK features alongside the Prime Minister and a small number of outstanding organisations in a document that looks back on the year in industry and Westminster. The main aim of the Review is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector. Millennium care were invited to Parliament to discuss approaches to care and innovation. Across all policy areas, The Parliamentary Review is sent to over half a million leading policymakers. The articles in the Review act as both a blueprint for success and a template for reform. Millennium care provide nursing, residential, …

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Brookdale care home- Manager speaks on camera about life at Brookdale and the how they’re there for families as well as residents.

Edith Tucker Manager at Brookdale care home Bury shares her insights in to managing a care home and all the different parts of Brookdale including the Family Forver and innovations groups they have set up.     Brookdale located in Bury, Lancashire is a 53 bed care home with residential and dementia units, Brookdale have many therapies and activities that studies have proven help with the the well being of somebody suffering with dementia, just a few of these include Music therapy, pet therapy and a relaxing garden lounge created by Brookdale with the sounds of birds singing and beautiful …

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Edith Tucker

Manager at Brookdale care home Bury is loved like a Mother by all the staff

Brookdale care home Bury is Managed by Edith Tucker and Neil Gilbert and Brookdale is managed in a unique way. The care staff at Brookdale are so happy in their job and they see Edith like a Mother as well as a Manager, I spoke with a few of the girls about life at Brookdale during a visit and soon discovered that the close relationship they all have with each other and their management is something quite amazing. Katlyn a member of the care team at Brookdale said “I can go to Edith with any personal problems and she will …

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Lakeside Vacancy – Finance Administrator

Finance Administrator (Temporary) We are looking for a Finance Administrator to join us at our Nursing Home on a temporary basis to cover a period of sickness. The home is a beautiful building, set in four acres of beautiful gardens  overlooking Worthington Lake in Standish, Wigan. Situated only a short drive from the M6 and M61 motorways, the home is in an ideal location for commuters in the surrounding Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas. The home has a great reputation in the local community and is also part of a larger, well-respected group of care homes in the North West. …

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A chat with Jackie an amazing senior carer at Lavender Hills and resident with amazing WW2 story!

Jackie came to Lavender Hills Ramsbottom some years ago as a domestic cleaner, within a week of Jackie cleaning at Lavender Hills The manager Helen approached Jackie and said “I have such a good feeling you would make an amazing carer, you have a warmth about you and such a friendly aura around you.”   Helen saw something in Jackie that she felt would benefit her residents at Lavender Hills if Jackie was a carer, Jackie has such an amazing friendly smile and a huge heart. Speaking to Jackie i can see straight away what Helen saw in that first week of Jackie working at …

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Brookdale News Jan-March

                     BROOKDALE NEWS Jan-March         In this issue: PLANS FOR BROOKDALE HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2017 PET THERAPY AND SUZIE’S VIST WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON AT BROOKDALE -UPCOMING EVENTS INCLUDING AN EXCITING VALENTINE’S SPECIAL!! STAFF INTERVIEWS THANK YOU’S AND CELEBRATIONS         Edith and Neil the Manager and deputy manager at Brookdale care home   2018 IS LOOKING VERY EXCITING FOR BROOKDALE We would like to thank everybody who made 2017 so great!      ‘2017 has bee a really exciting year for us at Brookdale and I’m looking forward to continuing with our innovation drive and filling every day with excitement. We worked hard to commission our garden lounge, which has implemented the latest in academic research around creating a stimulating environment for our residents using sight, touch, sound and an interactive and immersive environment. This has created a really exciting space for our residents and friends, including Suzie the dog who enjoys running around the cherry blossom tree! This year sees the launch of our Families Forever group, which is an opportunity for family members of former residents to establish their own social network with our support. We will also be launching our staff Innovation Forum which is centred around empowering our care team to make their own managerial decisions. We have an absolutely packed activities programme developed by both Clare and Tash and really looking forward to seeing Brookdale be a thriving place to live and work. ‘ Edith       BROOKDALE CARE HOME CLOSE THE GENERATION GAP IN AUTUMN CHALLENGE      Brookdale Care Home, a …

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An Interview with Pat at Norley Hall

Pat is a lovely lady at Norley Hall who is very independent, Pat loves living at Norley Hall care home in Wigan and has nothing but great things to say about life at Norley Hall and the staff. I asked Pat a few questions about life at Norley Hall in Wigan where she has been a resident for a while now.   Pat – What do you enjoy doing most at Norley Hall? I like reading, there is a lady coming in now who does activities for us, you know like things that make us happy, she did karaoke last …

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Hayley’s home cooked food and signature roasts at Lavender Hills

Hayley’s Food-  A chat with our cook at Lavender hills care home Ramsbottom , We are very lucky to have Hayley at Lavender Hills and her signature Sunday roasts and scones!   Hayley- How do you get your inspiration?  – By trying new things, when I go out for meals, if I have something new and I like it, I try to recreate it. Now my salt and pepper chicken fillets are better than the ones from the Chinese restaurant I first tried them at. Sometimes if I have got a lot of something I google what I can make …

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Inspiring people

Sally is such in inspiration to us all at Lavender Hills

Sally is such an inspiration to us all Sally is a night carer at Lavender Hills Care home in Ramsbottom, after receiving an email about the extra lengths of care that sally had provided to one of the residents at Lavender Hills from a relative we had a chat with Sally and found out there is so much more she does to care for not just the residents at Lavender Hills care home but a long list of people in need of some support. Sally is part of a charity Christian group the Malachy church in Collyhurst where in her spare time …

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Brookdale care home Bury amazing Interviews with Managers and Carers

  At Brookdale care home Bury they have made a lot of changes over the past 12 months which have been a great success, they have re-designed a lounge that is now known as the garden lounge, as well as introducing a lot of different therapies that help change the quality of the lives of their residents at Brookdale. The Garden lounge at Brookdale care home Bury, has been created to have therapeutic benefits where residents and their families can enjoy spending time in an immersive and stimulating environment with the beauty of outdoors from the comfort of a lounge, …

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An interview with two lovely residents at Lavender Hills care home Ramsbottom

    Joan- What would you say to sum up Lavender Hills care home? Lavender Hills is a very well run care home, well organised, excellent staff that are always ready to help you in any way.   Barbara- What would you say about Lavender Hills Ramsbottom? It’s very good, a lovely setting and I love looking out at the scenery.   Joan- What is your favourite part about living at Lavender Hills? I love the activities, they’re all good but I do love the crafts, it brings out the arty side in me.   Barbara- What is your favourite …

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An interview with Dorothy, a lovely resident at Lavender Hills

Dorothy has been resident at Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom for 18 months now, I had a chat with Dorothy who is a retired home economics teacher to get her feedback on how life is living at Lavender Hills.   Dorothy- How are you finding it here at Lavender Hills? “I’m very content, I have everything I need to hand- My ipad here, a large television in my bedroom, a phone to call my family and friends.. everything.” Dorothy’s bedroom is in my eyes ultimate comfort, she really does have everything you could need to hand and Dorothy has personalised …

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Brookdale residents kick-start 2018 with craft sessions

Residents at Brookdale Care Home are being encouraged to explore their creative sides this January. Brookdale has seen a new splash of colour as residents have been creating an array of firework pictures using colourful paints and a variety of craft materials. Residents have also been busy making their own candles to light up the home. They’ve been rolling natural beeswax sheets and using candle wicks. Soft toys and keyrings have also been created by sewing together lots of different animals and characters. However, It’s not all arts and crafts at Brookdale. Residents have also enjoyed baking some delicious scones …

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Great work Christina, well done.

Employee of the month Christina at Brookdale care home Bury has been awarded Employee of the month for December,  Christina has gone the extra mile and beyond with the care she provides at Brookdale. We surprised Christina with a bunch of flowers as a small gesture of thanks for all her hard work and dedication. Whilst visting Brookdale we had a chat with Christina and asked her some questions about her role as a carer at Brookdale care home Bury. Christina supports everybody at Brookdale including the staff when she senses they need a bit of support, regularly comes up …

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Mad Hatters Christmas

Lavender Hills Mad Hatters Christmas Tea party! huge success- Everybody came together

 Residents at Lavender Hills had such a fantastic time with their families and friends as they joined in the fun of the Mad Hatters Tea party on 22nd Dec to celebrate Christmas, the party was enjoyed by all and even the staff at Lavender Hills invited their families along to join in the celebrations. Mr and Mrs Howard have both their mother’s resident at Lavender Hills were so pleased they said “It’s amazing here at Lavender Hills, they make every day Christmas day!” Mr and Mrs Howard brought their pet dog Daisy along who was a hit with the children …

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Millennium care announce expansion in to Stockport with high specification purpose built care home

Millennium Care UK Limited, advised by Indigo Planning, have received unanimous approval from Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning committee for the re-development of the Adswood Hotel, Adswood Lane West, into a 60-bed care home offering specialist dementia care located at the heart of the Cale Green Conservation Area. Millennium care are very passionate about keeping the historic value within the Stockport community and plan to keep changes to the locally-listed Adswood hotel to a minimum retaining the beauty of the buildings original features which can be seen from the road as motorist and pedestrians pass by which means they can …

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Lavender Hills say Thank you for a great surprise!

Lavender Hills care home were delighted to receive a home made cake to be donated to the Mad Hatters tea party on Friday this week, the cake was donated by Francis Brewer who is a family member of Katie Cocking one of our late residents at Lavender Hills. We would like to say a big Thank You to Francis and the cocking family John, Molly and Kylie for such a kind and thoughtful gesture. The Mad Hatters tea party will be held here at Lavender Hill this Friday 22nd December and will be a fun afternoon with a carol singing service …

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Christmas Crafts keep residents busy at Brookdale

Our Residents at Brookdale Care Home stepped into the festive spirit as they made personalised decorations for their home and Christmas cards for their loved ones. The snowmen, which have been embellished with cotton wool and glitter, will adorn the home throughout the festive season. Residents played popular Christmas carols and spoke about their favourite food which they like to indulge in over the festive period. Staff have also been busy making the home look festive and ready for Christmas Day. Brookdale Care Home provides residential and dementia care in Bury, located 2 miles from the town centre. It has …

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Brookdale spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear

Brookdale Care in Bury have been spreading Christmas cheer all around by singing carols and playing musical instruments. Ivy the star singer and one of the residents at Brookdale says “Oh i loved every minute of it” Ivy then went on to talk about her favourite singer and idol Tom Jones and talks about the time she met him that she will never forget. Ian another one of  Brookdales residents says “It was absolutely brilliant.” Julie one of the staff members at Brookdale care home played the clarinet for the carols to be sang along to, the smiles and Christmas …

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Windsor House host Christmas party

Our residents at Windsor House along with their relatives and friends enjoyed a festive afternoon of Christmas carols, a buffet tea and a tombola as they hosted their annual Christmas Party. A band kick-started the celebrations at Windsor House, keeping guests entertained with an array of Christmas songs. The band was of the resident’s family friends, who agreed to perform for a donation, which would be given to the Dementia Charity. A total of £220 was raised through selling raffle tickets as part of a tombola. The money will go towards days out for residents next year. A large chocolate …

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Brookdale brings the great outdoors indoors!

Brookdale Dementia Care Home Bury has been busy creating a beautifully tranquil garden lounge, residents and their families can relax in the most calming and tranquil of settings from the comfort of a warm armchair. In doing so, the home has sought to bring the great outdoors indoors! The garden lounge featuring a cherry blossom tree complete with birds, butterflies and a park bench. The latest dementia research has proven the importance of well designed environments for people living with dementia, namely the therapeutic benefits of spending time in immersive and stimulating environments. A well thought out social space can …

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Residents make poppies for Remembrance Day

Brookdale Care Home have been busy exploring creative ways to mark Armistice Day. Residents and staff at Brookdale Care Home were rolling up their sleeves this week to craft beautiful homemade poppies. Showcasing their talents, residents used paper plates, paint and tissue paper to create a vibrant display for Remembrance Day. Armistice Day, held on November 11 every year, commemorates the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany at 11am on 11 November 1918 – the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

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Brookdale welcomes the Boom Project

A group from the Greater Manchester Youth Network came to visit our residents at Brookdale Care Home, and hosted activities as part of their Boom Project. A colourful assortment of arts and crafts were brought to the table for residents to get creative. Paper and paintbrushes came out of the cupboard and were used to create firework designs. Residents thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the arts and crafts session and commented on how great the group were throughout the afternoon. Greater Manchester Youth Network is a registered charity, who work to enable young people and organisations to participate, develop and …

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Halloween arrives at Brookdale Care home

Halloween is less than two weeks away and residents have been going all out to spook passersby with spooky mummies, candy collages and other ghoulish decor. In between creating spooky displays, residents embraced a fun filled week of entertainment. They welcomed ‘Brian the Entertainer’ and ‘Geoff the Puppet’ who both brought hours of joy to Brookdale. Celebrations were also in order for resident Ian, who was joined by residents for an afternoon of karaoke. Many happy returns Ian!

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Brookdale Care Home staff take part in Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk

Our team at Brookdale Care Home shared a proud moment when they took part in a Memory Walk to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. The memory walk started at Heaton Park and followed a route alongside the whole park. Staff had the option to walk 2km or 10km. A grand total of £105 was raised during the course of the afternoon, which will be donated directly to the Alzheimer’s Society to fund services and treatment. We are still receiving donations via our JustGiving page, and that will also be sent to the Alzheimer’s Society.

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Miniature horses spotted at Brookdale

Two miniature horses galloped in to Brookdale to entertain our residents. Teddy and Billy, who belong to Mello Memories, received lots of love and attention as they paid each resident a visit. Mello Memories are a company that features a miniature horse drawn carriage for special events – they brought lots of joy and laughter to the day. Residents, family and staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Teddy and Billy and decided to welcome them back for their summer fair.

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Rain didn’t dampen spirits at Brookdale’s summer fair

Brookdale had a host of animal fun for their annual summer fair. They welcomed back Miniature Memories, who ran pony and carriage rides throughout the day. The event also featured a range of stalls including a tombola, Dollies personalised gifts, (personalised phone cases, water bottles and t-shirts), Best Wishes (hand crafted cards and wooden gifts), face painting and many more. Despite the rain showers, it was a very successful day as the event raised £504.69, which will go into the resident’s fund, helping to pay for activities, entertainers and days out. Luxury Cupcakes in Prestwich supplied cupcakes for the event …

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It’s been a busy few weeks at Lavender Hills

We’ve had a busy few weeks of activities here at Lavender Hills with residents revealing their artistic flare. Surprising us all with her talent, June created a range of novelty ‘weather catches’ which provided hours of laughter amongst residents. Joan Murphy has recently been bagging up sweeties for the children. Joan is well practiced in the art of Pic n Mix as she used to own a sweet shop with her husband. September has also seen the launch of our new book club. A group of residents have met every Thursday afternoon for the past two weeks. They are currently …

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Summer fete success for Lavender Hills Care Home

Residents and staff are celebrating the success of their recent vintage-themed summer fete. Lavender Hills held its annual summer fete for our residents raising £180 through a raffle, cake stalls, and a performance from singing duo Vintage Pearls. Friends and family of our residents attended the 1940’s themed event on Sunday (September 3). Charlotte Oliver, Activities Coordinator at Lavender Hills, said: “Our summer fete was a great success and this was one of our best yet with families and people from the local community also joining us. “The fete is another way for us to raise funds to help residents …

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Residents relax during a day of pampering

Residents enjoyed a day of pampering recently after staff at Lavender Hills turned the hair salon into a make shift spa, complete with sensory lighting, candle light, calming music and arm massages. One resident, June, has had a number of strokes and has lacked all movement down the left side of her body for a long time. During a massage from Activities Coordinator Charlotte, she began to get some sensations in her arm and could feel her touch. After some more gentle massaging, June was able to move her left up and down, much to the delight of the staff. …

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Taste of Italy at Lavender Hills

The gastronomic delights of Italy came to Lavender Hills recently when residents whipped up homemade pizzas for an afternoon snack. A colourful assortment of fresh ingredients were brought to the table, including peppers, spinach, ham, tomatoes and lashings of cheese – a firm favourite for our residents. As big advocates of traditional British culinary delights, many of our residents had never tasted pizza before and enjoyed tucking into them for the first time. A lucky few spoke of their experiences of travelling to Italy and sampling the popular dish for themselves under a sunnier climate. We all reminisced about holidays …

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It’s all fun and games at Lavender Hills

Wimbledon fever hit Lavender Hills recently as one resident, Marian, challenged Activities Coordinator Charlotte to a friendly game of table tennis. Lovers of the sport have been glued to the television over the past couple of weeks to cheer on Great Britain’s very own Andy Murray. Despite the often damp and dreary summer weather experienced in Ramsbottom, residents have been making the most of the board games on the shelf. One resident, Rose, who is registered blind got stuck in to a game of solitaire thanks to a pack of large print cards, whilst Jean and Ena battled it out …

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It’s a picnic in the park for Brookdale residents

Residents at Brookdale have always loved a good old chinwag, so it was with great delight that they took part in a recent Knit and Natter session as part of an activity session at the home. Many of our ladies are skilled with a knitting needle and were passing on their advice to younger members of staff. Arts and crafts sessions have also been hosted recently, with our residents recycling old buttons and gluing them onto card in the shape of their initials. Paper and paintbrushes came out of the cupboard and were used to create pictures of Forget Me …

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Monkeying around during day trip

Brookdale residents made friends with Marmoset monkeys recently during a trip to Bradley Fold Garden Centre in Bolton. The group enjoyed a tasty afternoon tea at the café, before doing a spot of shopping and having a short stroll around the animal section of the centre. Colourful fish of all varieties were on display, as well as Marmoset monkeys who were a welcome sight for residents. A relaxing pampering and foot spa day was also held at the home for residents to enjoy. Staff began the treatment with an electronic foot spa before doing foot massages to boost circulation and …

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Residents have been busy beavers

It’s been a busy few weeks at Lavender Hills, with residents participating in a range of activities including cooking classes and drawing. New resident Jean’s artistic flair was revealed after she sketched a beautiful impression of the front lounge fireplace with a Christmas theme, surprising staff with her talent. Jean named the picture ‘Home is Where the Heart is.’ Doreen and Brenda have recently taken part in a reminiscence session, whereby they read the Daily Sparkle magazine, which states what happened ‘On This Day’ throughout recent history. The magazine is targeted at the elderly and those with dementia and covers …

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Give a girl shoes and she can conquer the world

The glitz and glam of Hollywood hit Brookdale recently when we honoured the late American icon Marilyn Monroe’s 92nd birthday. We dug out some of the actresses best films, including ‘Some Like it Hot’ and ‘Seven-Year Itch’ and celebrated the best of the fifties era. Our residents Margaret, Joan and Marian raided their makeup bags for some lipstick and blusher and took part in a makeover session. During the course of the afternoon, we moved through the decades with a swinging sixties themed therapeutic adult colouring in book session. Many of our residents were reminiscing about Marilyn Monroe and discussing …

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Grab a Cupcake for Alzheimer’s

Our team devoured delicious treats for Cupcake Day on 15th June to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. Staff and residents whipped up a beautiful display of sweet delights in an assortment of flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, marshmallow, lemon and strawberry. We opened our doors to families and enjoyed the sunny weather with a glass of bucks fizz out in the garden, whilst children enjoyed getting their faces painted with makeup in the conservatory. Participants took part in a ‘Guess how many Sprinkles’ competition, whilst local companies donated cakes to include on the table. A grand total of £105 was raised …

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Brookdale team dig deep to unite against dementia

Residents and staff at Brookdale Care Home have been beavering away in the kitchen to whip up a selection of delicious cakes in aid of raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. A coffee morning was hosted at the Bury based home for residents and their families, with cups of tea on demand for sipping in between taking big bites of cake. Suspicion was rife over which members of staff had ‘baked or faked’ a cake. The coffee morning was hosted in honour of Dementia Awareness Week, an initiative aimed at getting people to unite against the disease and fight to …

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All aboard for a fun day out

It was full steam ahead for residents at Lavender Hills and Brookdale when they set off on an exciting day trip with East Lancashire Railway for Dementia Awareness Week. Residents from both homes joined up with ladies and gentlemen from across Bury and Rossendale for a reminiscence train ride across the valley, spotting sheep, horses and even alpacas on the enjoyable journey. Volunteers from local businesses kindly provided a trolley service with hot tea, coffee, a selection of sandwiches and freshly baked scones with jam and butter for hungry passengers. Toe tapping tunes from yesteryear were sung and residents had …

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Easter Bunny spotted at Brookdale

The Easter Bunny hopped in to Brookdale to join in with a Good Friday family fun day. Our home was awash with ears as children and adults bounced around the grounds to hunt for chocolate eggs, before taking part in a tombola and raffle to win an array of exciting prizes donated by staff, resident’s families, as well as local companies. Prior to the event, residents got busy crafting paper bunnies, chicks and painting eggs to decorate around the home using a variety of textiles. Chocolate egg nests were also prepared for visitors during our popular cookery class. Prizes on …

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