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30 August 2023

You're hired!

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Residents at Worthington Lake have rolled up their sleeves to support the home’s recent recruitment drive, part of a focus on inclusive care.

Worthington Lake encourages residents to have their say when big decisions need to be made.

Residents Rene and Margaret supported the Home Manager through the interview process offering their insight into what makes a perfect employee.

Rene also joined in with a full day of Emergency First Aid at Work and CPR training as staff members expanded their knowledge and skill set.

Including residents in decision-making processes and alternative activities is known as inclusive care which is a core principle of person-centred care.

It involves understanding each resident's unique needs, preferences, and history, and tailoring care plans to support their individual well-being.

Embracing inclusion gives residents a sense of purpose and goes beyond meeting the physical needs of residents; it recognises their emotional, social, and psychological needs as well.

“I love getting involved in what happens in our home. I take pride in having a strong input and feel valued here; it also gives me the chance to meet lots of new people and learn new things and I love it.”

Rene, Resident at Worthington Lake

“It’s important to push the boundaries and let our house guests have a say. It’s their home, so what they say goes. By creating an inclusive environment, we can greatly enhance the lives of our house guests and create a more compassionate and empathetic community.”

Kim Jones, Home Manager at Worthington Lake
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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