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27 April 2023

Windsor House hosts pizzeria night

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Windsor House hosted its very own pizzeria night for residents to enjoy!

Whilst pizzas are a delicious treat, making them has many benefits for the elderly and that’s exactly why their pizzas were crafted from scratch.

Activity Coordinator, Bianca, supported each resident with their own personalised pizzas, providing various toppings for them to choose from such as sweetcorn, olives, pepperoni, ham, cheese, onion, and tomatoes!

When cooking your own food, it starts a biochemical reaction inside to prepare your body to take on nutrients. By doing this, smelling the ingredients, and looking forward to the food – you increase your appetite and ready yourself for nourishment.

Seniors can experience several mental and physical health benefits from cooking and baking, such as stress reduction, creativity, mindfulness, and improvements to fine motor skills while preparing delicious foods.

Giving people the independence of choice such as their own toppings, also makes the process a much more rewarding and enjoyable experience.

For Joan Finch, the pizza exercise brought back fond memories of her days as a dinner lady in a Shevington Bale Primary School.

“I found it pretty easy making pizzas but very enjoyable. I enjoyed doing it as a group together.

“Making pizzas is a simple task, I’m interested in trying to make a meringue pie next.”

Joan Finch, Resident at Windsor House

It won’t be long until Joan’s desire of making a meringue pie comes true! It’ll be a great reminiscence activity and something we’re sure all the residents will enjoy.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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