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24 March 2023

Wiganese artist paints Lakeside residents

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A Wiganese artist has donated time to a care home in Standish, completing his first live oil painting of one of the home’s residents.

Joe Whitmore visited Lakeside Care Home after being contacted by the home’s Activity Coordinator.

Being a professional artist for three years, he has completed around 20 live portraits, the latest is Lakeside resident Ken Sumner. 

Joe even plans to return to the home to complete two more portraits!

“I saw an article about Joe in Wigan Today and knew I had to get in touch! His paintings are amazing, and I’m so pleased for our residents and it’s great that Joe gets to hone his skills.”

Ash Jennings, Activity Coordinator at Lakeside

“I enjoyed painting Ken, it’s been amazing! Every time I do these portraits it feeds my passion and excites me to do more and pursue it.

“Ken has been lovely, he’s a very interesting guy and had a lot of things to talk about and share with me. He was a pleasure to paint.”

Joe Whitmore

Ken was keen to get his painting done and has an eye for art which was inspired by his late wife, Doreen, who was a keen painter and a former Lakeside resident.

“I was very impressed with my portrait, I think painting is a real skill and I have a lot of appreciation for the art.

“Joe was a lovely lad, and it was great having a conversation with him and learning about his passion and sharing my past with him.”

Ken, Resident at Lakeside

Residents and staff at Lakeside Care Home are excited for Joe to return so they can witness first-hand the positive impact art can have.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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