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22 November 2022

Wellness retreat in heart of home

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Last week, Worthington Lake Care Home opened their brand-new wellness retreat, part of its innovation project.

The home transformed an unused space utilising it into a facility that will support the mental health and well-being of residents and staff at the home.

Worthington Lake have been able to invest in the home thanks to the care provider’s innovation fund which supports each of its seven homes.

The funding enables homes to implement resident and staff-led changes which will have a positive impact on those within the homes.

The wellness retreat is a multipurpose space housing a cinema room and a massage therapy safe space.

Worthington Lake have recently brought on board a Massage Therapist who will help residents and staff unwind.

“The wellness retreat is a way of healing the mind, body and soul. People’s well-being is always at the centre of what we do to promote healthier, happier living.

“There are loads of benefits from this safe space including health, well-being, sensory and social benefits. This can improve mobility and isolation and improve wellness all around really.”

Kim Jones - Home Manager at Worthington Lake

“It’s a great addition to the home. I loved opening it and celebrating the occasion. I’m excited to start using it.”

Maureen Preston - Resident at Worthington Lake
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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