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08 July 2024

Welcome to the car wash

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Residents and staff at Worthington Lake set up their own car wash, cleaning staff and visitors’ cars in a bid to raise money for those less fortunate.

The weather was perfect as cars pulled into the home’s drive for a quick wash and polish, leaving with an unrecognisable shine.

Fortunate enough to have their own residents’ fund and activity budget residents and staff decided that their fundraising efforts would go towards supporting local care homes that don’t have that luxury.

“We understand the importance of varied, quality and meaningful activity within care homes, and we wanted to spread the love and ensure that other homes within our community can provide something different.

“This is a cause that resonates with our residents so it’s great to get them involved. Funds raised will be used for purchasing activity equipment which will be distributed to those who could do with an extra hand.”

Alisha Bromley, Activity Coordinator

"Oh, it’s something different and it’s really nice to sit outside, I can’t drive anymore so I enjoyed the idea of having some sort of contact with the car. It's a good idea to support local people."

Connie, Resident

Committed to doing more and providing opportunities for the elderly community Worthington will continue to carry on the support

If you’d like to support the home’s fundraising efforts get in touch!

For more information on Worthington Lake, please click here.

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