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16 December 2022

Update: Coronavirus Guidance

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Today the Government has announced new guidance around Coronavirus in the care sector. 

As we advance it is now NOT essential for care workers and visitors to wear face masks in care homes. HOWEVER, visitors and staff may be required to wear face masks if: 

  • A resident is vulnerable 
  • There is an outbreak at the home 
  • If a resident wants their carers/visitors to wear one

Should a care home fall into an outbreak, classed as two or more positive Covid-19 tests including residents and staff within the home, visitation and PPE guidance will be reviewed by the home and local authorities to ensure residents, staff, visitors and our community are safe. 

Our main priority is to ensure people living, working and visiting our care homes are safe. 

If you have any queries please speak to the home's Manager. 

For full guidance, please click here

For Millennium Care's Covid-19 guidance, please click here

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