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16 June 2023

University project at Lakeside continues

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As part of the 'not the last resort' program, three university students completed a five-week placement at Lakeside Care Home.

The program involves supporting university students from a range of professional health and social care programmes to gain experience working in the care home sector seeking to develop and challenge students’ perceptions of social care and promote best interprofessional practice.

The project aims to evaluate how an interprofessional student training environment can cater to the requirements of care home residents and staff, while also providing opportunities for leadership, clinical decision-making, management, and career growth for students in an interprofessional environment.

Saba and Sree, master’s students in Dietetics from Manchester Met University, were accompanied by Carl, a University of Salford second-year Mental Health student.

Saba and Sree collaborated to acquire knowledge and exchange valuable information and were enthusiastic about sharing their experience with us.

“I’ve come to gain professionalism and communication skills. We’ve checked basic nutrition and learned how we can do dietician interventions and achieve SMART goals which is rewarding to be a part of.

“Our focus was on maintaining hydration and skin integrity for the elderly as the lack of hydration poses a significant risk factor, making residents more susceptible and increasing the risk of pressure sores.”

Saba, Manchester Metropolitan Masters Student

"At Lakeside, we’ve conducted case studies and made minor interventions. It’s been such a positive experience and I’ve really enjoyed myself.”

Sree, Manchester Metropolitan Masters Student

“I’ve focussed my experience on pain management and dementia care. It’s been quite fascinating and enlightening for me to explore the various methods of pain management, as I’m quite interested in this area.

“As part of the project, we’d document fluid balance as a measure to address the similarity in symptoms between dehydration in the elderly and UTIs, which can be linked and easily confused with dementia.

“Learning the difference has been crucial for developing a more effective treatment, and it’s provided valuable insights.”

Carol, Salford University Second Year Student

As part of the project last year, Lakeside Care Home continue to support this study, others and individuals that seek educational opportunities in a professional environment which, of course, benefits residents and current staff.

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Kathryn Barton
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