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10 January 2024

Transforming perceptions in care

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At Millennium Care, including the forthcoming Langtree Care Home, we're on a mission to challenge and reshape the often negative perceptions associated with the senior care industry. Our commitment is to reimagine later-life care, establish unparalleled standards, and provide an expert-led service across our growing network of homes in the North West.

Embracing Innovation

Our dedication to innovation sets us apart. We keep our ears to the ground for emerging care models, technologies, and ideas that can enhance the lives of our residents, staff, and the wider community. The introduction of the Household Model of Care within our group emphasises independence and well-being, with open-plan environments that make the kitchen the heart of our homes. Langtree, our upcoming addition, will adopt this model.

An Innovation Fund empowers homes to launch new ventures, from bistros to therapy rooms, benefitting both residents and staff. We believe in staying ahead, creating environments that evolve with the ever-changing landscape of senior care.

Purposeful Design for Dementia Care

Langtree, like our Worthington Lake home, is purposefully designed with dementia in mind. In collaboration with the University of Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre, we ensure our specialist homes are truly specialised. Open-plan living areas, access to nature, and central hubs within the home contribute to a vibrant ageing experience. Langtree even boasts a private path to a nearby lake, connecting residents with the beauty of their surroundings.

Education and Community Integration

Our commitment to education extends beyond the walls of our homes. Several of our residences collaborate with educational institutions, providing young minds with opportunities to learn about the sector and gain valuable professional experience. Langtree will join this initiative, contributing to the region's next generation and fostering a connection between generations.

Professional Development and Specialised Staff

Our dedicated staff undergo continuous training to enhance their skills. From in-house roles such as an Occupational Therapist promoting mobility to a Group Music Ambassador conducting sessions, we prioritise the well-being and enrichment of our residents. Therapy Dogs bring joy and companionship, wagging their tails through the halls.

CSR & Community Partnerships

Our commitment to the community is at the core of our values. In 2024, we've strengthened partnerships with local charities, providing financial support and opportunities for organisations like Wigan Youth Zone and My Life Standish. Pursuing the B Corp Accreditation is our next step, solidifying our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Positive Ratings and Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it—explore the positive reviews on and Google. Our testimonials showcase the real impact of our care philosophy, giving you a glimpse into the transformative experiences of our residents and their families.

At Millennium Care Homes, we're not just redefining senior care; we're creating a community where every resident thrives. Join us on this journey toward a brighter future in later-life care.

For more information on Langtree Care Home, please click here

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