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Alan Shopmobility
29 January 2024

They’re very good for the community

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Having not been back since he moved to Lavender Hills, Allan, got a special trip to one of his favourite places this month – Bury Shopmobility!

A local charity, they're dedicated to serving and assisting anybody with mobility issues when carrying out business within the town centre.

With an extensive fleet of manual and electric vehicles, they have scooters and wheelchairs for all needs.

A member previously, Allan also volunteered with the organisation.

“I love it there, they’re all my friends. We visited there for a couple of hours.

“I used to go in the mornings, 9.30 to 12.30. I used to check all the scooters and make sure they were ok. You have to get the right scooter for the right person, there are all different types. Some of them are very heavy.

“I went there because I couldn’t walk around, I knew about it because I’d done a few jobs for them – I was a Window Cleaner.

“Without that Shop, people wouldn’t get out, they’re very good for the community.

“You pay a fee for the year and then you pay a small amount each time! They’re all good scooters.

“I’ve known them for a good time, that’s the whole point. You get to know them all, we’re friends.”

Allan, resident at Lavender Hills

Across all Millennium Care Homes, staff get to know residents ensuring they’re provided with personalised opportunities that have the greatest possible impact whether that’s supporting their mental, physical or emotional well-being and ultimately their quality of life.

Allan is looking forward to his next visit to Bury!

For more information on Lavender Hills Care Home, click here.

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