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30 November 2023

There are so many benefits for the residents!

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Lavender Hills rocked up to Halle Orchestra’s latest relaxed concert at Halle St Peter’s – a beautiful event space in the heart of Manchester.

With none of the usual rules associated with classical concerts, residents are treated to a 26-piece ensemble where they are free to move around, talk and clap whenever they wish.

These opportunities are so special for residents across Millennium Care giving them the freedom to enjoy themselves the way they want.

“The Orchestra have created a really welcoming atmosphere. We had the best time dancing, listening to the amazing music and talking with the musicians about their work.

“We have been before and we will certainly be back, there are so many benefits for the residents.”

Beth, Group Music Ambassador

Musical concerts play a vital role in enriching the lives of care home residents, catering to their emotional, social, and mental well-being, contributing to an improved quality of life.

“As Group Music Ambassador my role involves facilitating music sessions, both individually and in larger groups. We set goals and use music to get us there! Since starting this role I’ve seen the benefits of communicating with residents through music.

“Being involved in these additional activities and excursions is just the icing on the cake!”

Beth, Group Music Ambassador

The trip wasn’t without its drama, as residents Audrey and Margaret discovered they had accidentally brought some musical shakers home with them. We’re sure they’ll make use of them until they can be returned!

Residents from several Millennium homes will be attending again next month for the Halle’s Christmas Special.

Find out more about Lavender Hills here.

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