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14 June 2023

The 'juggle' is real

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Martin, a resident at Lavender Hills Care Home has achieved success in leading the Music in Mind sessions through his juggling abilities.

Over the past couple of months, Martin has really engaged in the music sessions with Group Music Ambassador, Beth who has discovered Martin’s passion for juggling.

Martin has gained confidence from the sessions, where he showcased his exceptional juggling skills accompanied by music.

“Our music making has since evolved to me on keyboard with Martin alternating between playing the chime bars and juggling.

“Martin has used a skill that people may not associate with music to engage with it in his own way. He uses his juggling skills to engage with and lead the music, particularly rhythm and tempo.

“It’s great to witness his enjoyment while he personalizes these sessions by incorporating his juggling skills and it’s so satisfying to collaborate and use our skills to create entertaining sessions."

Beth Forster, Group Music Ambassador

Juggling has enhanced the Music in Mind sessions by transforming the music from a basic beat to an intricate exchange of musical ideas featuring call and response, multi-layered rhythms, and a combination of different tempos and dynamics.

At the end of each session, Martin has been teaching Beth how to juggle since then.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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