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22 November 2022

I Have Learned how to Provide True Holistic, Person-Centred Care

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Before having a placement at Lakeside, I had a negative perception of what care homes were like. I expected the home to smell as you walked in, have a depressing atmosphere and be full of residents with a poor quality of life.

Many care homes have a bad reputation, which is what made me think that the home would have strict rules about various things like how often residents get up and go to bed or what they eat and drink.

However, since spending time at Lakeside my views have completely changed. Lakeside didn’t have that ‘old people smell’ due to the Domestics and staff. There was a lively atmosphere due to the various activities that residents participated in such as cricket, archery and playing musical instruments.

I realised very quickly that I had the wrong impression about care homes, especially Lakeside. The care received by the residents is specific to the individual and the residents’ wishes are listened to and respected by the staff.

The residents are often treated to days out such as watching Elvis at the cinema, going to a local flower show, and visiting Blackpool to watch ‘Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat’. They also often nip out for a walk in the sun and some residents enjoy alcoholic drinks, just as they would in their own homes.

From being on placement here for the past few months, I have seen how important the small things are. Communication between staff and residents is essential to provide the best care and this is seen with all the staff including Cooks, Domestics, and office staff, not just Carers and Nurses!

I have learned how to provide true holistic, person-centred care and will take this with me for the rest of my training and when I’m a Nurse. The Nurses have advocated for the residents when they were unwell and highlighted the importance of this to ensure patient safety.

All the staff have been lovely and shown care and compassion to the residents, it’s really changed my views on care homes. I know putting a loved one in a home is very difficult for families, however, after my time at Lakeside, I’m definitely less fearful of when one of my grandparents may need 24-hour care.

At Lakeside the simple things are done exceptionally well, and I hope to take this with me throughout my career.

Abbie, Nursing Student, University of Bolton
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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