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25 August 2023

Local nursery shares the love at Norley Hall

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Little Jigsaw, a local nursery, is excited to have partnered up with Norley Hall and has loved watching the growing bond between the children and residents.

The nursery was recently featured in Wigan Today after coming fifth for the best-rated nursery in the borough and they are running a project to demonstrate intergenerational collaborations and asked if they could showcase their sessions at Norley Hall to the community.

The team visits Norley every Thursday with around five children aged between 1-4 to interact with the residents as part of their cuddle therapy.

Initially, the children felt anxious, but now they eagerly look forward to visiting their new friends and immediately rush to greet the residents upon arrival.

“It’s so nice to see the connection between the residents and children, especially those with dementia; we see a positive change in them when they see the children, their faces always light up.

“Seeing the relationships between our residents and the nursery children blossom is beautiful and cherished by all of us here at Norley. We’re extremely grateful for this opportunity to connect and build meaningful connections with the community.”

Kathryn Rimmer, Home Manager at Norley Hall

Intergenerational activities can have a positive impact on the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the elderly. These relationships provide opportunities for connection, growth, and the mutual exchange of support and knowledge across generations.

“It’s been fantastic to have the nursery visit us weekly! We’re learning so much about each other; Linda who works at Little Jigsaw was sharing with us that her granddaughter will be joining soon, and Linda can’t wait to see her granddaughter in the activities at Norley. It’s precious.

“Our activity review revealed that their visit is still one of our most popular activities for our residents! The sessions increase well-being and laughter, communication skills and create cherished memories.”

Julia Entwistle, Activity Coordinator at Norley Hall

For more information on Norley Hall, please click here.

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Kathryn Barton
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