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14 May 2024

Music Therapy at the Standish Care Village

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As part of Millennium’s non-pharmacological approach to person-centred care, music plays a big part.

In 2023, Beth Forster-Peter, became Millennium’s Group Music Ambassador after training with the Manchester Camerata to deliver both individual and group sessions to residents across all five of Millennium’s homes. This will continue at Langtree Care Home, the final piece of the Standish Care Village.

Music transcends cultures and generations. It’s often associated with stress reduction, mood enhancement, and improving memory while also promoting activity and creativity.

The power of music isn’t lost on those with dementia, research has shown music helps preserve their identity by evoking memories and personal experiences. For non-verbal people, it can act as a communication tool while creating social interaction in a group setting.

We’ve also seen it reduce behavioural symptoms associated with dementia and regulate individuals’ emotions. Ultimately it enhances their lives.

Already a huge success within the Group, Beth was recently invited onto BBC Breakfast to explain her training, the work and the benefits of music therapy with our residents. 

"My role involves facilitating Music in Mind sessions in a group and on a one-to-one basis. We work towards socialisation, inclusivity and creating a shared language throughout the group while individually we work to achieve individual goals.

"I've seen residents have reduced feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation. This has all been achieved through the music we share during the sessions.

"Over the last couple of years, I've seen the benefits that music can have for our residents and I'm so excited to take that to Langtree! Millennium's use of non-pharmacological approaches create some amazing outcomes for residents."

Beth Forster-Peter, Group Music Ambassador

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