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19 June 2023

More than just a garden

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Windsor House, and Millennium Care, were grateful to see members of the community come together for a special day which helped provide a speedy revamp for the home’s garden.

We’d like to give a special thanks to the team from Sky and three young refugees joined by a support worker who wanted to lend a helping hand.

They got stuck in helping the home with fencing, painting, planting, and repairing while they were repaid with cold drinks and a lovely BBQ cooked by Windsor’s Chef, Lorraine.

“This is something we at Sky are encouraged to do to support projects in our local community.

“I saw this advertised on Facebook and all the local Sky engineers jumped at the chance to get involved in Windsor House’s garden project.

“I’m quite local so I’m happy to help where I can in the community, but the free BBQ was also an added bonus!”

Philip Smith, Team Manager at Sky

The idea behind the day was to not only utilise the large garden for residents but to provide them with extra opportunities to network and build relationships.

The benefits of creating these moments are endless, some of our residents struggle with mobility so bringing the community to them instantly improves social connections which are proven to improve physical and mental well-being.

Intergenerational connections also provide improved mental stimulation and an increased sense of purpose and belonging for residents.

“We’re so thankful for everyone coming out and helping us to create our community garden. This day has been incredibly valuable for our residents, and we hope to continue hosting events that get us involved with Standish and the local area.

“Thanks to the work done today we’ll be starting a gardening club involving our local community, and the team have been instrumental towards our success.”

Ffion Caunce, Home Manager at Windsor House

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Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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