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25 January 2024

Millennium backs sequel

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Millennium Care has pledged to part-fund the sequel of a book supporting young people dealing with autism after learning of a resident’s great-grandchild’s success.

Ann Holgate, a resident at Norley Hall Care Home, shared the story of her great-grandson, Max Smith, and the original book he co-created with his mother, Rebecca.

The original book, I’m an Autism Brother, provides advice to the siblings of those with autism by looking at behavioural aspects from Max’s point of view and his relationship with his big sister, Daisy.

Max's younger sister, Jorgie, who is non-verbal, is the focus of the upcoming sequel, I’m a Big Autism Brother. Millennium has committed to funding 50% of the book's production costs.

“I wanted to do it to inspire people. I’ve read the book to the whole school, even the Headteacher!

“With Daisy, it’s hard and with Jorgie, she cries a lot. Mum struggles with Daisy, and I can tell that. It’s not nice for me to see. They both have autism but there are big differences.”

Max Smith, Co-author.

Rebecca highlighted the gap in resources.

“When Daisy was diagnosed I went online, I managed to get myself a book and resources for Daisy but there was nothing for Max. He was still going through it all, there was nothing to help him.

“I sat down and spoke to him because there was a massive gap. I had the book made just for Max, we’d read it together but I thought this would be really beneficial for others. Some of the messages I get from people about the book's impact brings me to tears.

“Our end goal is for it to be in all the schools and services in the area. It felt like we were so far away from getting the second book out there but with Millennium’s help, it will be with families supporting them sooner than we thought.”

Rebecca Smith, Co-author.

“I think the book is wonderful, it tells everybody about the condition. I certainly didn’t know about autism, and I was a teacher. I’m very proud. The book is so important, and I think it should be in all the schools.”

Anne Holgate, resident at Norley Hall.

Since its release in December, I’m an Autism Brother has sold over 200 copies and been distributed to 10 schools and 12 libraries in Wigan and beyond.

For more information, or to purchase a book, please visit:

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