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22 November 2022


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We’ve begun filming for our ‘Come Dine with Me’ spin-off, Millenni-Yum!

With seven homes across Lancashire and Greater Manchester, we’ve kicked started the series by inviting three homes to participate.

Worthington Lake, Windsor House and Lakeside Care Home came together earlier this month for a Halloween special with two more dinner dates on the horizon.

With a resident and staff member from each home competing, they’ve been given the opportunity to plan their own menu and theme for the night.

“Of course, it’s a bit of competitive fun but it’s such a great opportunity to bring residents together who have never met and give them that chance to create long-lasting friendships outside the home, within the Millennium group.”

Kim Jones - Worthington Lake Home Manager

Worthington Lake hosted the first dinner date, their Halloween-themed menu included red devil soup, Halloween batty pie and sticky slime pudding with a side of face painting for some light entertainment.

“I loved every second of it. It was great, I was very full after. You will have to be patient to find out what score I gave them!

“I’ve never been to Worthington Lake Care Home, but I’ll be coming back again!”

Joan - Resident from Windsor House Care Home
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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