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Jean and Katy MMD
22 November 2022

'Make My Day' Campaign

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Worthington Lake has launched ‘Make My Day’ helping residents’ dreams come true.

Created by Kim Jones, Home Manager at Worthington Lake, the initiative will provide opportunities for residents to spend the day doing whatever they wish to do!

Their choice could be a wish or aspiration, a bucket list moment, something big or something small.

Not only do residents benefit from ‘Make My Day’ but so do the staff, experiences will be split between multiple carers who will have the opportunity to get to know residents on a deeper level while having the pleasure of bringing them joy.

‘Make My Day’ has already produced some amazing moments which have included a trip to Blackpool, a visit to Lancashire’s Fireground and the chance to get dressed up for a family member’s wedding!

“It’s important for residents to have dreams and aspirations. It’s never too late and you’re never too old!

“We want our residents to live a full and active life with a sense of feeling valued and included.

“Living in a care home can bring new beginnings, new opportunities and a new lease of life; everyone needs something to look forward to!”

Kim Jones - Home Manager at Worthington Lake

“What a day! I loved riding the train to Blackpool and the rollercoaster was fun and fast. Joined by my son Gary, we went up the tower and enjoyed some fish and chips.”

Jean - Resident who recently went on a fun-filled trip to Blackpool
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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