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19 June 2024

Millennium Carecast

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Millennium Care are on the verge of launching a podcast series, Millennium Carecast, which will provide insight, expertise and share experiences on subjects within the care sector.

Niche – we know! But as a Group we’re hopeful that it can guide people across a multitude of issues and topics such as ways to provide dementia care at home, care home funding or intergenerational care.

Millennium Carecast's first episode was recorded this week at Lavender Hills Care Home – Millennium’s only Bury-based home and looked at the initial stages of moving into a care home.

Featuring the Home Manager, Kala, a resident, Dorothy, her daughter, Kathryn and Millennium's Marketing Manager, Aaron, it aims to provide a glimpse into the move into care.

A mixture of serious conversation and some light-hearted moments, we hope it showcases some of the things you don’t always think about like – does this mean I’ll never be able to have my coffee the way I LIKE IT?!

The production was certainly a collaboration with Lavender’s very own MBE, Dorothy Mitchell – who gained recognition for being a pioneer in palliative care. She helped plan the Group’s first podcast with Millennium’s marketing team.

I'd like to be involved in it further, in my head I have a lot of ideas that will help the project. You find out things as you go along, and things that people don't always tell you.

Hopefully, this will be insightful, like Virtual Dementia Tours, opening up to the community and giving people the understanding to recognise certain elements of care.

Dorothy Mitchell MBE, resident at Lavender Hills Care Home

Kathryn, Dorothy, Kala & Aaron after the first Carecast.

Bear with us as we pull it all together, but we hope you’ll find our new venture beneficial wherever you are in your care journey.

In the meantime, take a look at our YouTube channel where we’re creating and collating varied videos that showcase life in our homes, provide information from the sector and showcase events within the Group, just click here.

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