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02 February 2024

Harnessing nature

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You’ll know by now that Langtree Care Home will provide EMI care in a purpose-built environment but one of the non-negotiables in the design is nature.

Recognised as having several benefits for those suffering from dementia, Millennium Care understands non-pharmacological approaches to care from In-house Therapists, our models of care, forward-thinking initiatives and of course the power of harnessing the natural environment.

Nature is proven to reduce agitation and aggression, improve mood and well-being, enhance cognitive function while encouraging physical activity – no one wants to exercise in a confined space!

In addition, green spaces can enhance social engagement, stress reduction and sensory stimulation. It’s no surprise that all those additions create better sleeping patterns, something we all strive for.

So, how’s Langtree going to provide the above? Easy.

When complete, residents will have a direct view of Worthington Lake while being surrounded by the woodlands that encapsulate the Standish Care Village. Each ground-floor room will have direct access to the home’s gardens, for residents who are bedbound they’ll have profiling beds, no one will miss out on this picturesque community.

Woodland walks, bird-watching huts and a private pathway to the Lake won’t hurt either.

The building itself is orientated to maximise daylight, with 122 openings (windows, glazed doors and skylights) that ensure all days are bright, residents can immerse themselves into the landscape as the seasons change right before their eyes!

Encircled by high-quality, outdoor spaces residents, their loved ones and staff will undoubtedly benefit from afternoons spent in peaceful green surroundings.

And lastly, since the beginning, we designed the development to have a net biodiversity gain. The introduction of native planting, hedges, shrubs, wildflowers and sensory gardens makes sure the land has only been improved.

The outdoors is powerful and enhances care settings, Langtree will utilise it, helping Millennium to provide the highest levels of support to our residents.

Find out more about the home here, and learn more about the Standish Care Village here.

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