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Standish Care Village
24 August 2023

Continuity of Care

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The completion of Langtree Care Home will see a continuity of care like no other in our region. But what does this mean?

Having three homes on Millennium’s existing Standish site that cater for different needs will provide reassurance for residents and their families, not to mention staff at the homes who hate having to move residents on when needs can no longer be met; always a heart-breaking moment.

Continuity of care refers to the consistent and uninterrupted provision of healthcare services, something Millennium is excited to be able to provide.

Maintaining this seamless and coordinated approach supports transition management and reduces the risk of transfer trauma allowing longstanding relationships with other residents and on-site staff members to continue.

This process improves resident outcomes which lead to increased satisfaction and ultimately reduces the strains and costs on local healthcare services by supporting preventative care.

“It’s hard to move residents on when we can’t support them. It’s hard for us, the resident, and their families. The proposed development would alleviate those issues, knowing that our residents have that continuity in place and they’ll be cared for in the same beautiful, familiar surroundings with the carers that know them as their lives change.”

Stacey Astin, Regional Manager at Millennium Care

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