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24 July 2023

Carer celebrates culture with local primary school

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Students from St Cuthbert’s Primary School were treated to a cultural display Bossi Okusanya at Norley Hall as they stepped up their African-inspired education.

The Year 2 students at St Cuthbert’s have been learning about Africa and reached out to Bossi after seeing her in the Wigan Today.

Dressed in her traditional Nigerian attire, Bossi discussed life in Nigeria and the country’s culture before treating the students to a performance.

The class had the opportunity to share their knowledge of the country, with one student performing a traditional song he’d learnt from his family alongside Bossi.

“It was amazing to watch the interaction between Bossi and Year 2 and how the information Bossi shared about her Nigerian culture sparked a conversation with students about all things Africa.

“It was very touching watching a pupil and Bossi sing a Nigerian song together. It was so heart-warming, and I can’t wait to network with St Cuthberts Primary School and build strong relationships.”

Julia Entwistle, Activity Coordinator at Norley Hall Care Home

Following the performance Bossi was invited to view the student's work on Africa.

“We were so fortunate to have a visit from Bossi. We’ve been learning about Africa and the many countries and wonderful cultures that the continent embodies.

“To have a firsthand talk from Bossi, who was born and lived in Nigeria was such a brilliant enrichment to our curriculum. The children can now link their learning from books, atlases, artwork, videos, and online research to a real-life person who talked about her culture and her real love of African food!

“The visit has enriched our curriculum so much. The children were very excited to tell their grownups all about it when they were going home. Thank you for giving their new learning in class real-life context and helping it to become ‘sticky knowledge’ to remember for life.

“We are so excited about reaffirming our community links with Norley Care Home as we have very fond pre-pandemic memories of time shared with their residents. We look forward to sharing our own dancing and singing with staff and residents through performances such as our Nativity.”

Elizabeth Garner, KS1 Phase Leader at St Cuthberts Primary School

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Kathryn Barton
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