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Introducing our first care home captain
18 March 2022

Introducing our first care home captain

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Today we’re launching a brand-new resident-focused campaign. Introducing our Care Home Captains!

We’ll be celebrating, and recognising, a handful of the outstanding individuals within our homes. Nominated by our Home Managers and Activity Coordinators over the coming weeks we’ll share with you a small selection of the talented characters who keep us on our toes.

We’ve pinched ‘Care Home Captains’ from Anita, Activity Coordinator at Windsor House after she made each resident in her home a captain of something they’re good at.

But without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our first Care Home Captain, the gardening captain at our Wigan home – Windsor House, Joan!

Interim Manager, Kath, and Activity Coordinator, Anita, nominated Joan because of her passion for gardening, her great knowledge and how she’s decorated the home with beautiful hanging baskets!

“On my first week I was given the opportunity to really get to know the residents and after discovering all their different skill sets, I thought it’d be amazing to make each of them a captain of something they’re really good at.

“I’ve picked things that match their character so that they can share their individual differences. I think this gives them a sense of responsibility and they love it.

“I nominated Joan because of how she is with gardening, digging away and talking about gardening. She really knows her plants and I think gardening was her passion when she was younger.

“In summer I’ll take her out but whilst it’s a bit chilly now, we will continue to do her gardening inside. We really like seeing the progress she makes in the garden and it’s a great sense of achievement for her.”


After hearing how knowledgeable Joan is, we grabbed our first Captain as she got stuck into her next gardening project:

“I like arranging the pots and planting them out and really like to see lots of colour in the flowers.

“I’ve always had a nice garden, I used to have a greenhouse and I used to do my own hanging baskets, pots and borders. I enjoyed doing the borders and hanging baskets the most. I’ll be out in the garden when it gets sunnier; I’m looking forward to it. It’s a great garden here but could do with some colour!”


We’re looking forward to seeing Joan make a difference to the amazing space at Windsor House, we can’t wait to come back in full bloom!

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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