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21 November 2023

Bridging Hearts Across Generations

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Norley Hall Care Home is welcoming students from Hope School and College to open opportunities for work placements and personal development.

Nicola Holland, FEU Head of Department at Hope School and College originally contacted the home to float the idea of work placements for her students.

The focus for the students is on employability and the development of workplace skills in a more general sense, e.g., communication, teamwork, following instructions and health and safety.

The team at Norley Hall prepared for the students to begin their experience days which started at the end of October.

Accompanied by Sam Aindow, Teaching Assistant and Work Placement Supervisor every Tuesday morning on each visit, Sam supports the students through their working life and skills program.

The students involved identified an aspiration to work in care, hospitality, and catering, so Activity Coordinator, Julia Entwistle prepared for the visit by organising varied cupcake designs to develop hospitality and catering skills.

Various activities in place for the students included crafting, baking and daily living skills which underpin the development of communication and leadership.

“Our link here with the staff and residents at Norley Hall Care Home continues to be an amazing opportunity for our students to gain life and work skills and to interact with all the amazing residents.

“Students love their Tuesdays here having a chat and spending time working together. We are very appreciative of our time here.”

Sam Aindow, Teaching Assistant and Work Placement Supervisor

Julia also offered a holistic range of activities to help engage students with residents.

“There are so many good things about the collaboration, and I feel one of the main benefits has been the interactions between residents and students.

“I have seen developments for the students both in life and work essential skills, but similarly, I have seen the residents benefit immensely.

“Witnessing the residents beam with joy on each visit from Hope School and College has given us a great sense of purpose to continue with this amazing work.”

“This will continue for the foreseeable future, moulding the skills that will enhance the development of future employees.”

Julia Entwistle, Activity Coordinator at Norley Hall

From this networking opportunity, Norley Hall is going to expand their relationship with the College by attending each other’s Christmas fairs and continually creating opportunities where the students and residents can benefit.

Learn more about Norley Hall Care Home.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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