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Langtree Care Home

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Our first ever EMI care home

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Award Winning

Care in the heart of the village

Continuity of care is a mitigant of transfer trauma, improved health outcomes and fundamentally, longevity.

The presence of Langtree Care Home as part of the care village concept would provide a spectrum of care for the elderly; on one site. The concept of the care village would therefore afford site-specific care synergies that could not be yielded owing to disaggregation.

If therefore, the need arises for a resident to move into a residential setting whose needs progress to dementia and subsequently EMI, they will be able to be cared for on the same site, with the same ethos and continuity of care.

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Future Proof

Putting learning into practice

The 52-bed, pandemic-proof, Langtree Care Home has been designed with pre-cohort living areas, providing future security should social distancing and lockdown procedures be required.

Each floor has two eight-bedroom living hubs which can be safely managed for infection control and cross-contamination while still providing home comforts.

It forms part of the ethos that in the event of another lockdown, life would remain as normal as possible with the fundamental human need to access nature and connect with the outdoors remaining intact.

We're soon looking to recruit for this state-of-the-art of development, if you're interested in working at Langtree Care Home please fill out the form below.


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What to expect

An area of outstanding natural beauty

Langtree has been designed to ensure that those who live with us are supported with their independence and age with vibrancy.

Centred around the household model of care philosophy, we will ensure that those who live with us continue to do so with a strong sense of purpose in a village community where relationships thrive.

We believe that the design of the environment we live in, both architecturally and through green spaces, positively impacts our mental and physical well-being.

Featuring bird-watching observation decks, woodland walking trails, dining terraces overlooking Worthington Lake and being wrapped around the beauty of several hundred trees this holistic approach to care is at the heart of everything we do.

Through a range of care acuities from residential, nursing, dementia and complex cognitive support we will be able to ensure that Langtree is able to provide a continuity of care and a safe haven for any care eventualities.


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Wigan, WN1 2XN

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