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22 February 2023

Windsor House explores Golden Days

3 minute read

The team at Windsor House treated a handful of residents to a visit to Golden Days Garden Centre in Appley Bridge, just one of many spontaneous trips during the week.

Led by Activity Coordinator Bianca, they explored their local garden centre picking up a few bits and bobs; enjoying a rewarding brew and natter at the end of their visit.

The trip gave the gang the chance to reminisce, a brilliant tool for the elderly. Reminiscence helps people cope with growing older, reaffirms feelings of importance and helps them appreciate their lives.

Joan, Doris, Brenda and Stan discussed how Golden Days has grown over the years.

“It’s grown this place from when I was little and I can’t believe it, it was just a wooden hut. My husband wouldn’t believe it if he was here.”

Resident Joan

Residents from Windsor House were blown away by the purpose-built 45,000 square ft centre with lots to see and browse all under one roof.

Stan was on the hunt for a birdhouse and was thrilled with the options available to him while the ladies were impressed with the gift section and the plants. They can’t wait to get stuck into Windsor’s garden this summer!

“It’s good to get out, the residents love it and it's always a nice change. It’s great to constantly learn what makes them tick so I can involve new activities within the home. At Windsor we want to make each day as fun as possible, if a resident wants to do something different, we’ll do our best to make it happens.

“A lot of our activities involve reminiscing, our residents have some brilliant stories and I love hearing what things used to be like.”

Bianca, Activity Coordinator
Kathryn Barton
Written by
Kathryn Barton
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