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15 March 2023

Who brought the dogs in?

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As part of their StimuLake campaign, Lakeside welcomed Doodles Doggie Day Care as part of their pet therapy initiative to celebrate the start of this years’ annual Crufts dog show celebration.

Crufts is the greatest dog event in the world, organised by The Kennel Club, the show celebrates every aspect of the role that dogs play in our lives.

Residents were quick to welcome Doodles Doggie Day Care’s precious pooches, Henry the whippet, Rex the terrier and Indie the pug.

During pet therapy, the individual's brain releases oxytocin, which blocks the nerve cells that receive pain signals. This helps residents feel motivated to achieve goals and set new aspirations.

The benefits of pet therapy are limitless, but to name a few, pet therapy alleviates loneliness, isolation and depression, creates calming effects, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, provides a sense of worth and responsibility, encourages a more active lifestyle and so much more!

“I love dogs, I’ve always had one. They’re so lovely, they make you feel good and I’m really happy they’ve come in.”

Resident, Lucy Snape

“Our residents love dogs, so I thought what better way to start the Crufts celebration other than to invite a doggy day service into the home.

“Pet therapy is something that brings joy and happiness to the residents and we are trying to work with the local community, Doodles Doggy Day Care is based in Standish and is local so they were perfect!

“We can’t thank them enough for taking the time to come to us and put smiles on our resident's faces.”

Ash, Activity Coordinator
Kathryn Barton
Written by
Kathryn Barton
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