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Care Home rolls along to vehicle museum
16 March 2022

Care home rolls along to vehicle museum

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Residents at Marley Court Care Home rolled down to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum
in Leyland earlier this month.

Our Chorley based home planned the trip after discovering that some of their
current residents used to work at Leyland Motors, a former British vehicle manufacturer,
which is now the museum.

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum Trust is a Registered Charity that aims to preserve
vehicles of special, British, significance for generations to come.

The residents enjoyed reminiscing and indulging in different areas of the motor industry.

“It was a great trip out and was really interesting; the food afterwards was very enjoyable too!
“It brought back some great memories and it is amazing to look back on some of the vehicles
of our past.”

Allan, a resident at Marley Court

“I felt it was really beneficial to get out as a group and listen to them all bond over lunch.
They discussed places they worked, the displays at the museum all the socialising was heart-warming.
“It was lovely to see them taking such pleasure in seeing things they remembered and in
cases worked on in their younger life; it was truly a memorable day.”

Marley’s Activity Coordinator, Elaine
Kathryn Barton
Written by
Kathryn Barton
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