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21 May 2024

The power of nature

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Millennium’s Chorley Road site is surrounded by nature, and each home at the Standish Care Village uses its setting to promote non-pharmacological approaches to care.

Purpose-built, Langtree Care Home will provide residents with easy access to nature, 122 windows ensure natural light flows through the 52-bed EMI care home, but the access doesn’t stop there.

All three homes at the Standish Care Village have direct access to the local lake thanks to a private pathway built by United Utilities in 2023, for those who struggle with mobility residents have access to a selection of off-road scooters – no one if left behind!

Worthington Lakes are part of a 50-acre country park with links to Arley Wood which is beautifully hidden within the onlooking Douglas Valley. Being near water is more than something nice to look at, it’s proven to have great benefits for the elderly.

These include but aren’t limited to stress reduction, improving mood, exercise opportunities, additional opportunities to socialise and increased stimulation.

The Standish Care Village houses grassland, woodlands, scattered trees and, as part of the development, it will see the additions of bird and bat boxes, meadow management, rockeries, wildflower planting, understory and bulb planting.

Natural landscapes are increasingly recognised for their benefits to individuals with dementia as they can support stress reduction, improve cognitive function and mood, it encourages physical activity and social interaction while incorporating sensory stimulation.

Langtree Care Home will have a bird-watching observation deck on the second floor as the area is known for its wildlife while the village also provides opportunities for sky-gazing on a clear night!

It’s not only residents that will feel the benefits, loved ones and staff will benefit positively through mental health benefits, improved sleep and an increased sense of purpose with more connections to green spaces and the natural world.

For more information on Langtree Care Home please click here.

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