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09 November 2022

Tasting Teaser Trial

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Brookdale jumped into the festive season after launching its winter menu for eager residents to taste test!

The new menu was created after the kitchen team and residents worked together throughout the year. They discovered what dishes they liked best and what they'd loved to include on their winter menu. 

Head Chef Steve sat down and brainstormed a plan to incorporate those favourite meals and added his own personal twists!

“Residents got well indulged with the new menu tasting and all the dishes with lots of positive comments coming my way"

Steve, Head Chef at Brookdale.

“They had some of my favourite dishes which I’ve been looking forward to coming on the menu!"

Bill, Resident at Brookdale.

Main meal dishes that were added included corn beef hash, toad in the hole and beef stew and dumplings. To sweeten the deal, desserts included Victoria sponge, Scottish shortbread biscuits, sticky ginger sponge, egg custard and ginger biscuits.

If you're interested in finding out what's on the menu then give one of our Activity Coordinators a nudge!

It doesn’t get much better than that for our cuisine connoisseurs.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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