28 March 2024

Standard set for staff pay

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Lavender Hills Care Home, based in Ramsbottom, has committed to paying all employees more than the National Living Wage, even after its increase in April.

The home will ensure all staff earn over the legal requirement which starts in the new financial year.

Eclipsing the Government’s 9.8% rise, the commitment is due to several factors including their valuation of the staff team and the key role they play in its residents’ lives.

The pledge will provide increased financial stability for current and future employees while supporting the retention of an already consistent staff team which can be a challenge in the sector.

“Our team are hardworking and dedicated to delivering outstanding care to our beautiful residents. I’m amazed and inspired by the team and how they make a difference in residents’ lives supporting Millennium’s vision and values every single day.

“I’m grateful for their exceptional work and proud to work alongside them. We treat residents with love and compassion as if they were our grandparents and want to ensure they live fulfilled lives which is made incredibly easy thanks to the amazing community links we have in and around Ramsbottom.”

Kala Morton, Home Manager at Lavender Hills Care Home

“We understand more than anyone the crucial role our care staff bring to Lavender Hills. We want to ensure that a career in care is not only personally rewarding but financially viable too.

“The staff team here show the utmost professionalism and are the ultimate drivers as they continue to provide unrivalled care for the residents.”

Stacey Astin, Regional Manager at Millennium Care

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