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I love looking after the residents and supporting the staff
11 February 2022

I love my job

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“She’s a massive support to the team, she joined in 2007 and has played a massive role in the Norley Hall family ever since. She’s an asset and has progressed throughout her time.

“I just love looking after the residents and working with the staff because I’m not just here for the residents, I’m also here to support everyone. If anyone has a problem then they know they can come to me.

“I spend nearly all my time here; I’ve been told off for coming in far too early. I’m always on call which I’m quite happy with. I don’t drive but I always say I’m a 10-minute walk and a five-minute run away and I have run before!”

You don’t get better recommendations than that! Kath Caddick, Team Leader at our Norley Hall Care Home in Wigan, was nominated by Home Manager, Kathryn, to join the Millennium Super Squad after being recognised for her hard work and commitment!

It was hard to pull Kath away from her caring duties, but it was clear to see how passionate, modest and selfless she is.

Kath is part of the furniture at Norley Hall having been there for 17 years. We were keen to see what made her fall in love with Norley Hall.

When asked if Kath would recommend Norley Hall, she wasn’t shy with her response.

“Yes, I started as a cleaner because I’d never done care before. I then went into laundry and on to the kitchen. I went back to domestic, started as a carer and progressed to a senior. Now I’m a team leader. I’ve worked my way up.

“I’ve really enjoyed it! I don’t want to go any higher now, I’ve gone high enough for my age and I’m quite happy with what I’m doing!

“For a start, it’s local for me, and I was born on Norley, so I know this care home has always been here. I like the atmosphere, it’s not like a regiment or conveyer belt of things to do. All the staff and residents get on and it’s a lovely place to work.

“I get a lot of happiness from our residents. I love building good relationships, you get to know them and their families because it’s not only the residents. Families need to be reassured they can approach us too if there’s ever a problem.

“I can’t wait for visitors to come back in again properly. We used to have concerts and all the families used to come in! I’m really looking forward to getting back to some form of normality.

“I would really give this home a good rating. All the staff are easy to get on with and this really is a fantastic home. It’s a nice estate and a great place to live with a very involved community.”

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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