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05 January 2024

Millennium’s first purpose-built EMI Care Home

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With Langtree Care Home nearing completion, we want the North West to know what to expect. The 52-bed care home will complete the Standish Care Village and provide much-needed EMI care for the region.

What is EMI?

It stands for Elderly, Mentally and Infirm.

What is EMI Care?

It refers to specialist care which is provided to people with advanced forms of dementia. Managing these residents can be exceptionally challenging – it ideally requires specially trained staff, purpose-built buildings and a lot of love and support.

How do you know if someone needs EMI care?

A conversation with a Millennium home and an assessment would help determine the right level of care.

What is provided?

Like all our homes high levels of person-centred care, bespoke care plans and activities that stimulate the senses.

What does this level of care cost?

Typically, stays in EMI Care Homes do cost more than other types of care homes, this is down to the specialised care they provide and extra resourcing. The purpose-built homes are also super secure, with additional safety and security features for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

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What makes the Standish Care Village so special?

There’ll be three varied homes on the site Langtree, Lakeside and Worthington Lake Care Home. They’ll provide a continuity of care, access to additional facilities, create more connections for our residents and so, so much more – it’ll be a community where residents and staff can thrive!

What is a continuity of care?

Residents within the Standish Care Village will be able to move between the three homes as their needs change. This ensures residents stay in the same familiar setting which reduces transfer trauma, relationships built can be maintained and next of kin can continue to remain close to their loved ones.

It provides a consistency of services for residents which can be crucial for residents with complex needs.

In the past, residents in our care have had to move on as the home can no longer meet their needs. This can be a difficult and upsetting time for all involved.

With homes catering for different needs at one site, residents can move between respite, nursing, dementia and EMI care with ease.

What next?

With a completion date around the corner, we’ve already started taking enquiries for the home, you can contact us via for more information.

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