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12 May 2023

Millennium to host dementia education event

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                                                    27th May 10:00 - 16:00 

                                                 Standish Methodist Church 

                                                                 WN6 0HA

Millennium will be running a free dementia education event for the community to raise awareness of the syndrome.

The event will be held on Saturday 27th May 2023 outside the Standish Methodist Church.

We will be joined by an ambassador from training2care and their flagship product the Virtual Dementia Tour bus.

The bus is a dementia simulator and provides visitors with a healthy brain a scientifically proven dementia experience.

This helps the user understand what loved ones may be going through as their condition worsens.

The event will also act as an opportunity to showcase Langtree Care Home, the home is being built alongside Worthington Lake and Lakeside Care Home

Langtree Care Home will be a 52-bed EMI care home. The home will complete the Standish Care Village which will provide a full coverage of care for people in the region.

The care village will provide a continuity of care in the region allowing residents to move between homes seamlessly as their conditions change without the risk of transport trauma.

“From personal experience, the Virtual Dementia Tour provides amazing insight into those living with dementia. It helps you gain perspective.

“We hope that sharing this experience with our community will provide an important educational experience and we’ll also be happy to answer any questions on care needs and our new development which will provide much needed EMI care to the region.”

Stacey Astin, Regional Group Manager at Millennium

For more information on the Standish Care Village please click here.

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