01 December 2023

Millennium Launches Christmas Ad

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Millennium has filmed a Christmas Advert highlighting the importance of a specialised, compassionate approach to care all year round.

Filmed at Worthington Lake Care Home 88-year-old Rene Powell starred in the advert. Playing herself, she showcases what life is like at the care home. 

“I’ve had so much fun getting involved and playing my part with my daughter, Gwen. It was great fun and I’m excited to see it complete!”

Rene Powell

“It was great to get involved and truly show what living in a care home is like.

“The advert just demonstrates many aspects of a normal day here, with of course a Christmas twist! It was all very natural and we’re grateful for Rene and Gwen’s support!”

Alisha Bromley, Activity and Wellness Lead at Worthington Lake Care Home

For more information about Worthington Lake, please click here

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