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07 May 2024

Millennium Care supporting long term research

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As a forward-thinking care provider, we’re delighted when staff members take part in learning and research opportunities that can positively impact the lives of residents, our staff and the culture at Millennium Care.

Kala, Home Manager at Lavender Hills Care Home, recently supported The University of Manchester with a study which resulted in a published paper.

The Importance of Instant Impact: What matters to long-term care staff and residents about taking part in research?

The study looked at the urgent need for research to inform policy and practice in long-term care despite the obstacles that make it challenging such as the high levels of staff turnover and negative attitudes around research in the sector.

Working with Kala, and a collection of staff and residents from Lavender Hills Care Home and two homes in Canada, the study provided insight and a framework to deliver effective, long-term, research in the future.

"As a care provider, we understand the importance of research and the potential it has to drive our homes and the industry forward. Whatever we can do to assist studies we're more than welcome to it!

"This latest study will hopefully set a stronger pathway for better research in the future that will positively affect the lives of our current and future residents and staff.

'Taking part in these studies is always an eye-opener, getting a different perspective of the work we do within our home is important and we'll only grow because of it!"

Kala Morton, Home Manager at Lavender Hills

The study found that:

  1. Managers are more likely to support research involvement if they see clear benefits for their staff or residents.
  1. Managers would be more inclined to be involved if it improved the long-term perception of the care sector.
  1. Researchers should address areas that are relevant to staff members’ specific roles and showcase how it relates to them.
  1. Staff and residents need clear and understandable information, it’s important to build trust so decision-making is well-informed.
  1. Fair compensation is a reasonable incentive, their time is precious!
  1. For findings to be disseminated in good time so they can be acted upon.

It’s with these practical recommendations that researchers hope will increase the number of staff and residents wanting to take part in long-term research, improving levels of collaboration and ultimately creating practical improvements that benefit the care sector.

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