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Local artist brings corridor to life
08 February 2022

Local artist brings corridor to life

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Lakeside Care Home, part of the Millennium Care Group, commissioned a local artist to replicate a ‘Wiganese’ inspired mural at the home.

Jessica Riley, the artist behind Oh So Specials, recently supported a community rail project led by South East Lancashire Community Rail Partnership.

To help engage the community Jessica designed an amazing 50-metre Wiganese mural, depicting famous local phrases, local landmarks and Wigan culture at Wigan North Western Station.

“The residents loved seeing Jessica’s work a few months ago, for them it provided a great opportunity for them to reminisce and brought them a sense of nostalgia. We were thrilled to get Jessica into the home and the work will certainly brighten up people’s days for the foreseeable!”

Home Manager, Gail Howard

The artist was touched after a video on social media showed Lakeside residents enjoying the mural and now residents will get the chance to see the art every day after Jessica replicated her work at the Wigan-based home.

In preparation for the mural Lakeside residents were heavily involved, choosing the phrases that meant the most to them such as babbies yed, pey wet and grand as owt!

“Hopefully it will just bring a smile to their faces, working on projects like this is honestly one of the best and most rewarding aspects of my job. If I can design a mural that will really make a difference to someone’s day, then I’ve done a good job in my eyes!”

Jessica Riley, Oh So Specials
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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