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18 April 2024

Little bear, big gesture

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A retired Carer who worked at Worthington Lake Care Home has continued her vocation by making Memory Bears for families of those who have passed.

Diane Cann left her post in November after more than four years at the home. Having built close relationships with the home’s residents and families she has continued to support them after the loss of a loved one.

A Memory Bear is a special teddy made from the clothing of a loved one who has passed away. They can provide comfort and be made from a multitude of items.

Diane has made three bears in total, most recently making one for the family of Norma Richardson, a resident she had a great relationship with who sadly passed in January.

“I do a bit of sowing, but I have never made anything like this before. A couple of the girls asked me at home, so I thought why not?

“The family’s responses have been great, they’ve been overwhelmed. I don’t do it for praise, I do it for them. I try and personalise the bears, Norma loved wearing jewellery so has a pearl necklace.

“Right from Norma coming in we just clicked. She was an emotional lady and she loved telling me about the cruises she’d been on. I have a lot of experience with dementia, you get to know people and how they’re feeling, and it was great getting to know her.”

Diane Cann, former House Assistant at Worthington Lake Care Home

“I was really made up, it was lovely. She chose all the jumpers that my mum wore, her favourite ones and even personalised it with some little pearls. I was really pleased. The bears just sitting on my bed at the moment, it’s so special.

“My mum was at Worthington for about two and half years, she really liked Diane who really looked after her when she moved in. There’s even a photo of them sitting on a bench together, my mum loved her!”

Trudy Murray, Norma’s daughter
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