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15 December 2023

Ken Hosts Christmas Choir at Lakeside

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Lakeside Care Home held a harmonious choir for Christmas, hosted and arranged by resident Ken Sumner, Lead and Director of the Choir Group.

With a passion for person-centred care, Lakeside encourages residents to pursue hobbies and interests as the team works to support these activities.

Ken has gained great satisfaction from the Choir after its success and is proud of how it all came together. It also provided staff a great opportunity to perform in front of the residents.

“Ken came up with the idea which has formed a great basis for our one-to-one sessions. He’s used the time to get to know staff members better and he’s arranged everything from song choice to rehearsals.

“It’s been a great opportunity for him to build his self-confidence and was a great reminiscence activity as he used to be a member of a music group.

“It’s great to see music weaving through the fabric of the homes.”

Beth Peter-Forster, Group Music Ambassador

“It’s been challenging arranging practice rehearsals, but it was worth it in the end! I have a history of music as I was part of the Formby brass band; my passion flared from there.

“I used to be passionate about rugby, but I found my love for music in my early 40s. I was self-taught so I can see myself improving.

“I’d say this experience was all a part of a learning process and I’m excited to progress this into the new year.”

Ken Sumner, Resident at Lakeside Care Home

Person-centred care creates a more holistic and compassionate approach to caring for residents, emphasising their humanity, preferences, and unique needs rather than just addressing their medical or physical requirements.

Learn more about Lakeside here.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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