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19 September 2023

Just for you

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Norley Hall has launched their ‘Just for You’ campaign this month, a response to residents’ favourite activities, a wish or even a dream that the home can fulfil in the best way possible.

Julia, Activity Coordinator came up with the idea in response to a discussion at the ‘Smartie Meeting’ run by Wigan Council.

The Smartie Meeting was held at the newly developed Berkeley Care Home, hosting a range of Activity Leads and Coordinators from homes across Wigan.

‘Just for You’ is designed to give residents a moment in the spotlight, raise their status and profile in the home, make new friends and get involved with staff and other residents from a different perspective.

“I’ve chosen to focus and utilise the skills, contacts, and talents of our Norley team – which includes relatives, staff, and other residents in the planning and delivery, and this is what makes the idea unique!

“I’ve found residents are talking about their activity for weeks and their relatives and our staff agree it’s providing the forum to make strong and positive new memories for residents.”

Julia Entwistle, Activity Coordinator

Lily, a resident at Norley Hall, was the first to join the campaign. This happened after Julia discovered her love for bowling, networked with relatives, and found someone whose husband bowled locally. This person was willing to take Lily and Julia to meet his team and play a game of bowling with them.

Ron, another resident was another recipient, was taken to a traditional teashop champagne and cakes afternoon with his friends. Julia arranged his favourite sandwiches to be made, gifted him a surprise from the famous Betty’s Tea Room, and was waited on by his preferred carer, Kerry, whilst Beth, the Group’s Music ambassador played him the flute.

After completing a talk on how this campaign represents best practices at the Smartie Hub launch on the 14th of September, Julia plans to continue this campaign once a week to ensure each resident has their special day.

We’re eagerly waiting to see what Norley Hall has for their next resident!

Find out more about Norley Hall here.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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