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Jackie Edwards
23 January 2023

A day in Jack's life at Windsor House

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This month, we pulled a special resident at Windsor House for a quick chat about the home, Jackie Edwards.

Jack, a past rugby player for Warrington Wolves, is a strong personality in the home and was keen to sit down and have a chat about his experience, and this is how it went:

How long have you been here at Windsor House?

It’s coming up to two years in May that I’ve been here!

What do you think of the care home?

It’s the best place I’ve ever been in because the staff are brilliant. It’s in a great location and I’ve always got something to do. There’s never really a dull moment.

What are the staff like?

They’re absolutely brilliant. They’ll do anything for you, and nothing is ever too much trouble. You only have to ask them anything and they will get the answer for you, I’m confident about that.

Do you feel supported?

Yes, definitely. Nothing is too much trouble and I feel comfortable asking for support. I don’t really have to ask, people are always on hand to support me.

What do you think about activities within the home?

I don’t do a lot of activities but when I watch them going on, the people seem happy enough when they’re involved in them, so who am I to say they’re bad?

Do you feel like you still have your independence, and the home caters for your hobbies and interests?

Oh yes, definitely! I’m a very independent person so this is important to me. I like to go to the church when I go out, I really love my walks and I can do quite a bit of walking around here which is good. I love my bowling too, I like to go and watch the bowling at West Houghton. I can go whenever I want so that’s great for me.

What’s the food like?

The food is lovely, my favourite is when they make me mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, and liver, excellent stuff.

Would you recommend Windsor House?

Definitely, I’ve heard people talking about other places and I know some of the places I’ve been in, this is definitely the best without a shadow of a doubt.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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